Venna Dann

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Venna Dann

High Concept: "Itinerant Archaeologist of the Ancients"

Venna has spent her (relatively short) time on Orbis enthralled with the technology and society of the Ancients, after growing up in a village near a particularly impressive set of Ancients ruins. She has roamed the two continents in search of an ever-deeper understanding of who the Ancients were, and what they wanted.

Invoke: To draw on her knowledge of the Ancients in interactions related to them, to produce some kind of technological gadget which may be helpful in a given situation, to establish knowledge of a certain place she may have been before.

Compel: To get her to chase after a lead on some kind of Ancients knowledge/tech, to have her run into someone she may have a history with from her travels.

Trouble: "Robbed an Imperial Commander's Dig Site"

Venna once spent a fair amount of time working for an Empire expedition to a particularly promising Ancients excavation site. After working side-by-side with the Empire for some time, she overheard the Imperial leader's plan to raze the site after taking anything that could be used as a weapon. Venna decided to beat them to the punch, and fled with everything she could carry, later hiding the potentially dangerous items somewhere the Imperial commander could never find them. As far as she's aware, he's still after her for it.

Invoke: To draw on Venna's knowledge of Imperial procedures, to leverage her knowledge of her stash of important technology.

Compel: To have Imperial agents or soldiers pursue Venna at inpportune times, to have the devices she stole start acting up in odd ways, to have treasure hunters come after her.


"Machines Make More Sense Than People"

Having spent most of her life knocking about Ancients ruins and other advanced technology, Venna is quite comfortable working with steel and ether. Interactions with humans regrettably often prove much less straightforward.

Invoke: To help Venna work on or investigate machinery, to help resist social pressure due to obtusity

Compel: To have Venna accidentally offend someone, to render her more vulnerable to social/mental pressure

"Leave No Stone Unturned"

Venna simply *hates* to leave a task before it's done; you never know what artifact you might miss if you quit a dig one day too soon.

Invoke: To help Venna focus on searches or investigation, to help her persist in situations where she feels there's more to do.

Compel: To get Venna caught up in minutae or otherwise unimportant details, to have her take unnecessary risks.

"(Un?)Healthy Skepticism of the Church":

Enraptured with the Ancients as she is, Venna naturally looks poorly on the Therian Church's black-and-white moral claims towards them and their culpability in the Cataclysm, regardless of whether or not it's fair to do so...

Invoke: To help Venna in adverserial interactions with Church members, to help Venna when dealing with Imperial or Church propaganda.

Compel: To have Venna act unfairly towards well-meaning Church members, to have her miss important details or connections due to her preconceived notions.


Great (+4): Lore

Good (+3): Craft, Investigate

Fair (+2): Shoot, Contacts, Notice

Average (+1): Will, Athletics, Resources, Physique


Jury-Rigged Ancients Shield Generator: - Once per scene, you may use Lore to defend against physical attacks.

Specialization (Ancients Lore): - +2 to Lore on all Lore rolls relating to the Ancients.

Getting to the Next Dig: - +2 to Craft when working with vehicles.

Refresh: 3

Physical Stress: O O O

Mental Stress: O O O

Physical Description:

Venna is a semi-kempt, sharp-eyed woman in her late 20s or early 30s with a tall, willowy frame that's typically groaning under the weight of a pack stuffed with as many books, tools, and gadgets as she can carry.