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Caspar Bussler
'''Attributes:''' Physical D8, Mental D8, Social D10, Magical D6
'''Attributes:''' Physical D8, Mental D8, Social D10, Magical D6

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Attributes: Physical D8, Mental D8, Social D10, Magical D6


Irrationally Optimistic D8, "Why are you guys sneaking around? There are only like a hundred ghouls. That's less than twenty each."

  • Oh right, don't draw attention: Gain a PP when you choose to do something blunt or obvious that causes problems for yourself.
  • Ray of sunshine: Spend a PP to step down an emotional or mental related complication on yourself or someone else.

Overloaded for Bear D8, "Half-inch thick armor plating, a twenty pound sledge hammer, a spare sword, the general thaumaturgic reference manual, the complete set of field guides to flora and fauna, my lunch, table service for six, climbing rope, my notes, and an assortment of umbrellas. I'm think I'm ready for first period."

Always looking to make new friends D8, "Hi, now that we're done trying to kill each other, do you want to get ice cream and talk about how we can do it better next time?"

  • Hey there little guy, what's your name?: Spend a PP to create a D8 Overlooked Creature asset for the rest of the scene.


  • Mr. Bowler: D6 The kindly retired soldier turned delivery man who raised Sunny. He's delivered *everywhere* and isn't too bad in a fight, though he's slowing down a bit with age.
  • Julia Benz: D8 An older more experienced student that knows shadow magic, is very book smart, and makes people uncomfortable. She's a little shy and awkward, but Sunny thinks she's awesome and the creepy shifting shadow things that follow her around are actually really nice once you get to know them.
  • Hans Eisen: D6 The good looking but reserved blacksmith and sometimes inventor that makes Sunny's gear and will sometimes held her with experiments. They've known each other since they were kids, when Hans's dad would do horseshoes for Mr. Bowler's cart horse and other repair work. Sunny was so thrilled that he got an apprenticeship nearby Veraltan when she started going to school there. He's an amazing reference when it comes to metallurgy and is really good at making things.

Powers: Mass Magic D6, Explosion Magic D6

  • Rocket Punch: Sunny uses an explosion to launcher herself through the air and then greatly increases her mass as she crashes into something to hit it full force, but hurting herself if she doesn't get the timing just right. Add a D6 to your dice pool when trying to crash into something at high speed and step up complications you inflict by one. On a failure, take a complication.
  • Collateral Damage: Sunnys magic is frenetic and she's frequently crashing into things, exploding things nearby her, and otherwise not really thinking through all the possible consequences. When using her magic, 1s and 2s count as hitches.


Sunny's family were an up-in-coming adventures over a hundred years ago and they seemed destine to marry into nobility at some point or another. Then her great-great-grandmother had helped out an absent minded nature spirit Melbolin by retrieving an artifact for it and Melbolin tried to put a blessing on the Pelatothis family, but badly flubbed the execution and it ended up creating a family curse. The family star has fallen considerably since then with each successive generation falling victim to the curse. But Sunny doesn't let that get her down, because maybe she'll be the one to break it and if she can't, no use worrying about something you can't change.

The curse killed her parents when she was a toddler and she was raised by Mr. Bowler. Mr. Bowler use to be a soldier and now he makes his living as a delivery man that travels dangerous monster infested roads and other treacherous routes to reach communities that others won't deliver to. When she was old enough, Sunny started traveling with him and he taught her how to defend herself. Mr. Bowler first suspected she might have some magic powers when she lifted his wagon to help him put a new wheel on it. Sunny loved traveling to all the remote places and meeting all sorts of new people with her adopted father and she's very excited to be going to magic school. Some day she might be an errant adventurer, traveling town to town, meeting new people, and just making the world a better place.

Sunny really likes talking with people, making friends, or whatever else she is doing. She's just generally happy with the world. She's also ready to leap into action, even if she's not big on looking first. She'll barrel into conversational topics others are dancing around, difficult assignments that others are wisely not volunteering for, and dangerous situations others would try to avoid. Though Sunny is sociable, she's not "popular" in the mean girls sort of way, because she's happy to get along with nearly anyone and often seeks out those others reject.

Sunny can manipulate the mass of objects of herself and things around her. She can make herself very light to make massive jumps through the air or very heavy to crash through the floor or prevent others from moving her around. She can manipulate her weight to change her momentum, so that she can crash into something like it was struck by a charging elephant or decrease the mass of things trying to hurt her so they hit with barely any force at all. She also carries a sometimes ridiculous amount of gear and frequently has a bulging napsack slung easily over her shoulder while going to class. When going out adventuring, Sunny uses a twenty five pound hunk of sharpened metal as easily as another student might swing a fencing foil. Her teachers often try to teach her all the subtle things she can do with her magic, Sunny usually just ends up breaking things.

Also, if she focuses really hard on small objects she can increase their mass so much that they start to collapse in on themselves, glowing white hot. Of course, she can only do this for a split second, after which they return to their own mass and rapidly expand back outwards in an explosion. She uses this to fling herself around in combination with her mass manipulation, as an attack, to make cool fireworks, and to get people's attention so they can have a conversation.