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Vittorio Arosa is a Verditus Magus, part of Nova Astrum in L'Orphelin Saga


Cornixica filia Urso ex Verditus followed a six generation tradition of combining the craft of Verditus with the Animal form. She like this parens before her had a phenomenally strong bond with his familiar – a white crow, called simply Corvus. After some years of searching she found herself what she had been looking for – an apprentice.

Vittorio Arosa was the son of a Physician from the city of Florence. He was very bright but his overly strong Gift had left him shunned by his peers; he thus filled his time in his father’s study, such that even by the age of seven, he had learned some of the basics of Latin and Medicine. Vittorio’s father was glad to be free of the child though when Cornixica’s offer arrived – the boy’s presence made both him and his patients extremely uncomfortable.

Training started as soon as they returned to Normandy, but the maga soon realised she had perhaps not chosen wisely. Her new apprentice was strong in the Gift, had an aptitude for the Verditus craft but could not grasp the subtleties of the Beast. Two years of training had gone by before an animal would even approach Vittorio and even then he had to learn to Disguise his Putrid Aroma to cause that to happen. Cornixica was never one to give up and over the following thirteen years she gave a quarter of her time to complete the training that she had started. Of little use to her parens, the rest of Vittorio’s year was his own. The universities interested him and the works of the mundane scholar Da Vinci and those who came after him inspired him.

It was nine years into his apprenticeship that Cornixica found a solution to her problem. The solution came in the form Antonius Norinus. This fellow Verditus magus was an expert in the art of Automata. He took Verditus on a two year trip; studying Hephaestus’s own creatures at Verdi, stealing a brand from the lighthouse at Alexandria.

He completed his tuition and at the end of his apprenticeship he passed his Gauntlet with flying colours, following the construction of his first automata, a silver dove gifted to his mater. He was immediately accepted into the Cult of Automata. Being now a magus in his own right, he took up the covenant’s offer to assist in the setting up a base in the New World.

He was always respectful of his parens’ Gift with animals, but jealous of the bond that she shared with Corvus. Perhaps with the resources offered him in the New World, he would be able to make a familiar of his own – not a familiar of fur or feathers; nor flesh nor blood; but a familiar of brass and copper, eyes of amethyst and a brain of cogs…


Year Born 1700
Current Season Winter 1734
Apparent Age 34




Sense of Humour-2


Artes Liberales2(Mathematics)
Speak French4(Technical Subjects)
Speak Italian5(Technical Subjects)
Speak Latin4(Magic Theory)
Guile1(Technical Phenomena)
Concentration2(Lab work)
Craft Automata7(Clockwork)
Craft Jeweller1(Preparation for enchantment)
Philosophiae1(Ceremonial Magic)
Parma Magica1(Intellego)
Magic Lore6(Terram)
Craft Firearms6(Preparation for enchantment)
Verditus Lore2(Automata)

Virtues and Flaws

  • Potent magic - modern devices
  • Personal vis source

During the course of his work, while making the bronze or brass alloys for his work, Vittorio naturally gathers the area's magic into the alloy. This results in 4 pawns of Terram vis that are used in his projects as he uses them, or he casts excess into small bronze ingots.

  • Inventive genius
  • Verditus magic
  • Affinity with Craft
  • Great Intelligence
  • Blatant Gift
  • Driven

Creating a familiar

  • Deficient Animál
  • The Gift
  • Hermetic Magus
  • Automata Cult
  • Necessary Condition - Must be near an open flame
  • Hubris - Arrogant


Creo 7 Animál 1 Ignem 5
Intéllego 4 Aquam 0 Imáginem 3
Muto 5 Auram 0 Mentem 8
Perdo 2 Corpus 1 Terram 11
Rego 8 Herbam 2 Vim 9


Disguise of the Putrid Aura ReAn5
Fulfilling the Muzzle's Requirement CrTe15
Loads a firearms at Voice range with shot and gunpowder
Aura of Ennobled Presence MuIm10
Crest of the Earth Wave ReTe20
The Miner's Keen Eye InTe20
Hands of Grasping Earth ReTe15
Tie the Threads that Bind ReVi30 Ritual
Enchants an automata upto Magic Might 15
Circle of Beast Warding ReAn5

Equipment of Note

  • Casting tools
  • Flintlock Pistol