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Respectable Mercenary Clothes
Respectable Mercenary Clothes<br>
Long sword (4 damage)<br>
Long sword (4 damage)<br>
Bow (medium, 4 damage)
Bow (medium, 4 damage)<br>
1 expensive items<br>
1 expensive items<br>
2 moderately priced items<br>
2 moderately priced items<br>
4 inexpensive items<br>
4 inexpensive items<br>

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Vivian Rose, a Mysterious Explorer who Commands Mental Powers

Background: The Rose family produces the best intelligence agents of the Republic. On the surface, the Rose family is a very successful merchant lineage, constantly expanding to various other business areas. Vivian is one of the rising stars of the family. She mainly works with a cover as a mercenary and personal bodyguard for influential people, covertly passing any juicy information obtained to her family via her Telepathic ability. The work from Azura is the perfect chance for her to gain more presence in upper society, allowing her to have more chances to access better information, thus increasing her worth in the family. For those in the know, they won't fully believe those of the Rose family because they are not sure where their loyalty truly lies. For now they seem to be loyal to the Republic, but who knows if they won't also sell some information to the highest bidder on the side. For others, they are wary of those from the Rose family because they gained a reputation for being quite a money hound and a harsh competitor. Professionalism and high standards seem to be the only thing keeping a Rose from breaking their original deals.

Descriptor (Mysterious)

Skill: You are trained in all stealth tasks.
Skill: You are trained in resisting interrogation or tricks to get you to talk.
Confounding: You pull talents and abilities seemingly out of nowhere. You can attempt one task in which you have no training as if you were trained, attempt a task that you are trained in as if specialized, or gain a free level of Effort with a task that you are specialized in. This ability refreshes every time you make a recovery roll, but the uses never accumulate.
Inability: People never know where they stand with you. The difficulty of any task involving getting people to believe or trust you is increased by one step.

Type (Explorer)

Cypher Use: You can bear two cyphers at a time.
Practiced With Light and Medium Weapons: You can use light and medium weapons without penalty. If you wield a heavy weapon, increase the difficulty of the attack by one step. Enabler.
Danger Sense (1 Speed point): The difficulty of your initiative roll is reduced by one step. You pay the cost each time the ability is used. Enabler.
Decipher (1 Intellect point): If you spend one minute examining a piece of writing or code in a language you do not understand, you can make an Intellect roll of difficulty 3 (or higher, based on the complexity of the language or code) to get the gist of the message. Action to initiate.
Endurance: Any duration dealing with physical actions is either doubled or halved, whichever is better for you. For example, if the typical person can hold his breath for thirty seconds, you can hold it for one minute. If the typical person can march for four hours without stopping, you can do so for eight hours. In terms of harmful effects, if a poison paralyzes its victims for one minute, you are paralyzed for thirty seconds. The minimum duration is always one round. Enabler.
Improved Edge (Intellect): +1 Intellect Edge.

Focus (Commands Mental Powers)

Telepathic (1+ Intellect point). You can speak telepathically with others who are within short range. Communication is two-way, but the other party must be willing and able to communicate. You don’t have to see the target, but you must know that it’s within range. You can have more than one active contact at once, but you must establish contact with each target individually. Each contact lasts up to ten minutes. If you apply a level of Effort to increase the duration rather than affect the difficulty, the contact lasts for twenty-four hours. Action to establish contact.

Pools, Effort, Edge, and Armor

Might: 10
Speed: 14
Intellect: 10
Effort: 1
Edge: Might 1, Speed 0, Intellect 1
Armor: 0


Resisting Interrogation


Respectable Mercenary Clothes
Long sword (4 damage)
Bow (medium, 4 damage)
1 expensive items
2 moderately priced items
4 inexpensive items