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Volkova, Female Wolf Foreign Mercenary[edit]


Agility: d8

Smarts: d8

Spirit: d8

Strength: d8

Vigor: d8

Parry: 6

Toughness: 11(4)

Pace: 6”

Bennies: 3/3


   Bite or Knife (or unattached bayonet) d8, damage d8+d4
   AK-47 d8, damage 2d8+1 (AP 2)
   Colt 1911 d8, damage 2d6+1 (AP 1)


   Code of Honor (major)
   Loyal (minor, racial)
   Ruthless (minor)
   Vengeful (minor)


   Combat Reflexes
   Danger Sense
   Level Headed
   Nerves of Steel
   Strong Willed
   Rock and Roll!

Skills (12/12)

   Athletics:    d8
   Battle: d4
   Common Knowledge:    d8
   Fighting:    d8
   Intimidation d6+2
   Language (x):    d6
   Language (x):    d6
   Language (x):    d6
   Language (x)    d6
   Notice:    d8
   Persuasion:    d4
   Repair: d4
   Shooting:    d8
   Stealth:    d6


   Backpack: $50, 2 pounds
   Canteen: $5, 1 pound
   Flashlight: $20, 3 pounds
   Lighter: $2, -
   Rope, nylon: $10, 3 pounds (20 yards)

   AK-47 and one hundred rounds of 7.62mm caliber ammunition: $490, 14 pounds
   Colt 1911 (.45) and fifty rounds of .45 caliber ammunition: $220, 6 pounds
   Kevlar Vest with ceramic inserts: $500, 17 pounds
   Knife: $25, 1 pound
   Laser Sight (installed on AK-47): $150, 1 pound
   Total weight carried: 48 pounds.
   Leftover funds: $28.