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A game of Cyberpunk RED, via PBP.


Player Characters[edit]

  • Kaapo Vaara Solo, neatly dressed beatnik. Played by thirdkingdom.
  • Victoria Lancaster Tech, accustomed to better circumstances than the present. Played by Mengtzu
  • Melvin Melville Fixer, good Ol' Mel^2 hamming up the clueless, frazzled dealmaker. Played by Funkadelic
  • MC Passionate DJ Rockergirl. Played by Dawgstar.
  • Character LInk Goes Here



  • Aslan Unitus
    • Belongs to Melvin
    • Relationship Type: Friend
    • Aslan Unitus makes a small living as a street performer. Whatever he did before this, he doesn't talk about it. Aslan is a known figure in his neighborhood, and generally has a good grasp on gossip and happenings. Melvin makes a point of given Aslan money when he has it, and the two talk music quite a bit.
  • Margaret Fitzallen-Smythe
    • Belongs to Victoria
    • Relationship Type: former enemy
    • Description & Backstory: Margaret is the eldest daughter of a Lancaster cadet family, which put her at very roughly equal prestige to Victoria, and they were bitter rivals all through university. However the Fitzallen-Smythes fell along with the Lancasters, and the two girls found each other fighting side-by-side for their lives in the combat zone. This forged an intense bond of mutual loyalty, but didn't noticeably cause them to *like* each other much.
  • Francine Mehta
    • Belongs to Melvin
    • Relationship Type: Business partner with underlying romantic tension.
    • Francine is a serious, ambitious woman that had a promising career with a major corporation, before she trusted the wrong people, showed a bit too much ethics and got booted out of her corner office. She's working with Melvin trying to scrape by in her new lifestyle without hitting rock bottom. Mel helped her get settled into her new digs and shows her around, and she's grown to appreciate his help and company.
  • Friend Name
    • PC The Belong To
    • Relationship Type
    • Description & Backstory


  • Professor Heironymus Dodge
    • PC They Belong To: Melvin
    • Enemy Background: Ex-Friend
    • Feud Source: They used to drink at the same bar, and at first the conversations were fun. But over time, they got sick of each other's name dropping and the conversations turned into arguments. They still run in some of the same circles.
    • Resources: Themselves and a few [1d6/2] friends.
    • Enmity Level: Avoid the Scum: They've taken the healthy approach and try to stay out of each other's way.
    • Description & Backstory: A former teacher, that left academia for unknown reasons. Now spends their life hanging out with people in bars, dropping names, and creating a small group of hanger-ons.
  • Veronica Banuelos
    • PC They Belong To: Melvin
    • Enemy Background: Ex-Lover
    • Feud Source: Deserted or betrayed the other
    • Resources: Veronica and her cousin, Raze.
    • Enmity Level: Verbally Attack Them: The Ex and her cuz, are ready to read Mel the riot act and let everyone know what kind of man he is.
    • Description & Backstory: Mel's ex-lady got caught up in a con and ended up owing the wrong sort of people a lot of money. She asked Mel for help, and he ghosted her. Not his problem, he wasn't that into her.
  • Cerberus Rex
    • PC They Belong To: Melvin
    • Enemy Background: Ex-Client
    • Feud Source: This gang leader thinks that Melvin sold him out to that detective he was sweet on.
    • Enmity Level: He's gunning for me.
    • Description & Backstory: A gang leader trying to turn his rough and tumble street gang into a respectable criminal syndicate.
  • Detective Deborah Lang
    • PC They Belong To: Melvin
    • Enemy Background: Ex-Lover
    • Feud Source: Caused the other to lose face or status
    • Resources: The local cops or other Lawmen
    • Enmity Level: Backstab them indirectly: Mel screwed her over, she's just waiting for a chance to pull the rug out from under him when he least expects it.
    • Description & Backstory: Mel ended up in a serious relationship with a detective/investigator when he was working as an informant. When one of her investigations was looking like it would interfere with the work of another client of his, Mel refused to give his boo information she needed. He ended up losing the client and the lover. This one hurt.
  • Aila Eerik
    • PC They Belong To: Kaapo
    • Enemy Background: Childhood friend
    • Feud Source: Romantic rival
    • Resources: Powerful corporation
    • Enmity Level: Indirect backstabbing
    • Description & Backstory: Aila was a childhood friend, the daughter of his father's business partner. When both she and Kaapo were 13, Aila was involved with an older boy named Yamilet. One night, drinking expensive scotch stolen from their parents' liquor cabinets, Kaapo and Yamilet fell passionately in love, only to be discovered by Aila. She has hated Kaapo ever since, and despite her former friend's fall from grace enjoys twisting the knife at random times.
  • Captain Parviz Kustaa
    • PC They Belong To: Kaapo
    • Enemy Background: Government employee (captain of police force)
    • Feud Source: Romantic rival
    • Resources: Entire city
    • Enmity Level: Set him up for a fall
    • Description & Backstory: Parviz is a corrupt precinct captain with the resources of the city's police force at his disposal, and a wife that hates him with a passion. Kaapo met his wife through sheer chance and the two carried out a torrid affair. Parviz has since carried a grudge against Kaapo.
  • Shapour Erfan
    • PC They Belong To: Kaapo
    • Enemy Background: Current employer
    • Feud Source: Romantic rival
    • Resources: Shapour and his gang
    • Enmity Level: Set him up for a fall.
    • Description & Backstory: Shapour is a small-time thug and pimp that Kaapo has been protecting in recent months. Kaapo made the mistake of falling for Shapour's favorite whore, and the even graver mistake of making the relationship obvious. Shapour has not yet moved on his bodyguard, but has set the wheels in motion to set him up for a murder he committed, thereby killing two birds with one stone.

  • Georgiana Lancaster
    • PC They Belong To: Victoria
    • Enemy Background: Family member
    • Feud Source: Victoria set Georgiana up to take the fall for a crime
    • Resources: Herself and a few friends
    • Enmity Level: Backstab them indirectly
    • Description & Backstory: Georgiana is a distant cousin who sold out to the enemy when the Lancasters were ruined; Victoria took this personally and set her up to take the fall for a crime so as to ruin the cozy little middle class life she sold out for in the first place. Georgiana only has herself and a few friends with which to get her (recursive) revenge, and will try to backstab Victoria indirectly, having somehow formed the opinion that Victoria is vindictive lunatic that is dangerous to approach.

Tragic Former Lovers[edit]

  • Darcy Connell, of the Night City Connells.
    • PC They Belong To: Victoria
    • Tragedy Type: Two houses, both alike in dignity
    • Background & Description: Darcy is an American corporate princess who studied in England and fell in love with Victoria Lancaster while she was there; a budding fashion designer, she made the jacket Victoria prizes to this day while they were dating. However it was the *Connell* family and their corporation that took down the Lancasters, depriving Victoria of most of her relatives and her ability to live in legitimate society. Darcy reluctantly sided with her family, and while she and Victoria still carry torches for each other, Darcy very much fears ever seeing her lover again. Victoria for her part wouldn't dream of harming Darcy in any way except in the sense that Darcy will have no living family once she's through.
  • Lover Name:
    • PC They Belong To
    • Tragedy Type:
    • Background & Description:
  • Lover Name:
    • PC They Belong To
    • Tragedy Type:
    • Background & Description:
  • Lover Name:
    • PC They Belong To
    • Tragedy Type:
    • Background & Description:



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