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(Stat Tracker)
(Stat Tracker)
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* ''(Minor) Silence Phobia''

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Erika Vocce, the Voice of Toronto

"Hello, Toronto, it's 9:00pm, and this is your evening voice. We'll get to the news in a moment, but first... the weather."

Basic Stats

Concept: Public Radio Radio Personality with a Subversive Streak

Incarnation: Messenger

Agenda: Saboteur (Condition: An Eye for Disorder)

  • Beat: Gain a Beat when the character draws attention to herself by destroying, unsettling, or destabilizing a system.
  • Resolution: After performing an action intended to create chaos, the player enjoys a +3 bonus on the relevant Skill roll.

Virtue: Driven

Vice: In the Open

Primum: 2

Catalyst: Signal Jam. The Angel was sent to act as a switchboard, relaying messages from the God Machine to humanity. In this way, it shaped the information released, hiding Truths that were meant to be hidden, releasing Lies that needed to be told, shaping society with subtle missives, and relaying secret words to those in the know. But one day, it was given messages that directly contradicted each other. It was, simultaneously, told to reveal and obscure the same bits of information. In a screeching, terrible flash of insight and jagged mental paradox, the Angel tore free from its feedline, trying to make the feedback stop.


  • Intelligence: 3 / Wits: 2 / Resolve: 1
  • Strength: 1 / Dexterity: 3 / Stamina: 2
  • Presence: 3 / Manipulation: 3 / Composure: 2



  • Stealth 2
  • Athletics 1
  • Firearms 1


  • Academics 3 (Cryptography)
  • Investigation 2
  • Politics 2


  • Subterfuge 3 (Keeping up appearances)
  • Socialize 3
  • Expression 3 (Broadcasting)
  • Persuasion 1 (Asking for favors)
  • Intimidation 1

Demon Stats



  • Tower of Babel (Manipulation + Socialize)
  • Muse (Manipulation + Expression)


  • Meaningless (Manipulation + Academics)


  • Play on Words (Presence + Expression + Primum)


  • First Key: Tower of Babel
  • Second Key: ?
    • Interlock 1: ?
  • Third Key: ?
    • Interlock 2: ?
  • Fourth Key: ?
    • Interlock 3: ?

Demonic Form


  • Electrical Sight (Intelligence + Composure)
  • EMP Field (Intelligence + Primum)
  • Sense the Angelic (Wits + Investigation)


  • Inhuman Beauty (Presence + Intimidation)
  • Clairvoyant Sight


  • Teleportation


  • Voice of the Angel (Presence + Expression + Primum)


  • (7) Erika Vocce - Public Radio Show Host (Primary)
  • Unfilled Cover slot.


Cover (Erika)

  • Striking Looks 2 - Erika is gorgeous
  • Fame 1 - Erika is a minor celebrity


  • Primum +1
  • Demon Cult 3 - A select number of Erika's internet fandom believes she is sending them coded messages about demons. Some of them are even right.
  • Versatile Transformation


  • Short-term: Send a coded message through a live public broadcast.
  • Short-term: Discover a piece of Infrastructure used for Angel creation/summoning.
  • Long-term: Subborn a major piece of Infrastructure (like the Needle)

Stat Tracker

Aether: 7/11

Willpower: 1/3

Beats: 0

XP: 2

Cover Beats: 1

Cover XP: 0

Conditions and Tilts

Resolution: The character gives into her fear and fails a roll as described above.
Flagged (-3 to Spoof GM agents)
Resolution: Convince a GM agent your an ordinary human without spoofing



Who did you share part of yourself with when you first Fell?

Erika's corgi, Providence. I, i don't know why... But his little tail nub lets me unburden myself. He's so... Cute.

Who doesn’t know, but suspects you’re not human?

There's a barista who works the graveyard shift on my way home from my show. She caught me using my powers once, I think; she's been watching me out of the corner of her eye when I stop in for a midnight latte. But what can I do? Erika needs her lattes.

Who could give you up to the angels right now, if they really wanted to?

My biggest fan and, self-proclaimed head of my cult, Samantha "VoiceAddict" Nielz. Samantha knows that Erika Vocce is a cover for a secretive and mysterious angelic power and feels priviledged to be within my "inner circle".

Who would you trust the truest part of yourself with if you absolutely had to?

I... I think I can trust Erika's neighbor/best friend Marjorie... But I can't be sure.

Who thinks they have something on you, when all they really have is smoke and mirrors?

My station manager, Herbert Giles, thinks I've got a drug problem and is trying to use it to blackmail me. I'm going along with his blackmail and letting him keep up his little game because it amuses me and helps to hide some of my more esoteric activities.