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Species: x; Class: x; Career: x; Career Level: x

Career Path: x; Status: x

Age: x; Height x:; Hair: x; Eyes: x

WS: x (x); BS: x (x); S: x (x), T: x (x); I: x (x), Ag: x (x); Dex: x (x); Int: x (x); WP: x (x); Fel: x (x)

Wounds: x

Fate: x; Fortune: x; Resilience: x; Resolve: x; Motivation:

Experience - Current: x; Spent: x; Total:

Basic Skills: Art (Dex) %; Athletics (Ag) %; Bribery (Fel) %; Charm (Fel) %; Climb (S) %; Cool (WP) %; Consume Alcohol (T) %; Dodge (Ag) %; Drive (Ag) %; Endurance (T) %; Entertain (Fel) %; Gamble (Int) %; Gossip (Fel) %; Haggle (Fel) %; Intimidate (S) %; Intution (I) %; Leadership (Fel) %; Melee (Basic) (WS) %; Navigation (I) %; Outdoor Survival (Int) %; Perception (I) %; Ride (Ag) %; Row (S) %; Stealth (Ag) %

Grouped & Advanced Skills: x (x) %;

Talents: x (taken);

Armour: x, locations: x, Enc: x, AP: x, Qyalities: x

Weapons: x, Group: x, Enc: x, Range/Reach: x, Damage: +x, Qualities: x

Trappings: x (Enc: x);

Encumbrance - Armour: x, Weapons: x, Trappings: x; Total: x; Max Encumbrance (that you can carry): x

Psychology: x

Corruption & Mutation: x

Wealth - D: x, SS: x, GC: x