War of the Burning Sky (PbP campaign)

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A PbP game of 13th Age run by Nooch.

OOC thread

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Player Characters

Character Name Race Class Level Played by
Aelrindel High Elf Wizard
Alita Blackwood Human Paladin
Karsten Schneck Human Necromancer
Wenrin Ferneyes Halfling Bard
??? Dark Elf Ranger
Sam I Am

Major NPCs

Setting & Campaign Notes


Emperor Dracus Coaltongue (deceased) / Ragesian Army / Ragesia

Supreme Inquisitor Leska / The Inquisitors / Ragesia

Headmaster Simeon Gohanach / Students of Lyceum / Seaquen

Lord Shaaladel / Solei Palancis / Shining Lands of the Shahalesti

Mythological Beasts / ??? / Gate Pass (see the sidebar on page 5)

Khagan Onamdammin / Monastery of the Two Winds Monks / Ostalin

Exarch Horstea (removed) / Knights of the Aquiline Cross / Sindaire

Guildmistress Sheena Larkins / Wayfarers / Seaquen

King Steppengard / Feudal Lords / Dassen

House Rules

No initiative - combat happens in post order. Monsters and NPC's generally go after PC's unless there's a narrative reason to go first.

The human's Quick to Fight initiative advantage is replaced by the ability to change the escalation die from +0 to +1 at the beginning of combat once per full refresh.

The Wizard's Overworld Advantage applies anywhere not in the prime material plane.


13th Age SRD

War of the Burning Sky Player's Guide (D&D 5e)

Orokos dice roller