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(2)(5) Authority Points of Authority add to Intimidate EVs. (2)(5) Attractiveness Points of Attractiveness add to Charm EVs.

(1)(10) Rank Points of Rank determine a character's place in an organisation. Infantry / Fleet 0 Recruit / Apprentice 1 Private / Airman 2 Corporal / Petty Officer 3 Specialist / Cheif Petty Officer 4 Sergeant / Ensign 5 Lieutenant 6 Captain / Commander 7 Major / Captain 8 Colonel / Commodore 9 Lt General / Rear Admiral 10 General / Admiral

(3)(5) Toughness Points of Toughness add to Shock AVs. (3)(5) Combat Sense Points of Combat Sense add to INIT. (3)(5) Adjusted Each rank counters 5 points of HL.

(2) Constant Contact Allows psi to use powers on a specific individual without line of sight. (3) Affinity Psi can affect a certain species without penalty. May be bought once per desired species. (4) Sensitive Psi gets +1 to all mental AVs, cannot select Mental Defence, Mental Fortress, Mental Static or Backlash. (4) Masked Character cannot be found with Psi-sense, Mind Scan or Presence Sense. (6) Telemechanics; mentalist can affect inanimate intelligence with their powers (count as alien) (6) Concert Psis with same power and Concert advantage may combine powers by touch: simply add up the total power levels. Only one psychic can use power; others must focus on aiding them. A psi attack on one creates automatic identical attacks on the others.