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The Attributes

REFlexes: Physical Finesse. Your ability to control your body; your dexterity, reaction speed, and general physical capability.

BODY: Physcal Power. Your strength and toughness.

INTelligence: Mental Finesse. How smart you are, your ability to assess information and come to conclusions.

WILLpower: Mental Power. Your focus, memory, and general mental brute force.

INFluence: Emotional Finesse. Your ability to engage with others on an emotional level.

SPIRIT: Emotional Power. Your force of will; your determination and emotional fortitude.


0 Disabled - This is a serious impairment. A character with a 0 in a power attribute is effectively dead, so not an option. A 0 in REF would indicate a paraplegic individual, a 0 in INT would indicate serious brain damage, and a 0 in INF would indicate a character with no confidence at all.

1-2 Everyday - Most people have a few everyday characteristics; they are passable, but nothing to be proud of.

3-4 Competent - Most people have a generally competent characteristics; they are as good as an average adult is expected to be.

5-6 Heroic - These are areas where you shine, and as good as most people get.

7-8 Incredible - Not many people have incredible attributes; maybe a couple on each planet.

9-10 Legendary - These are the greatest individuals, the one's whose impacts last generations.

11+ Super heroic - Super heroic attributes go beyond normal mortal limits; this is the domain of gods.