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Doctor Steel's Welcome Speech[edit]

Given on the occasion of the original jailbreak from the federal facility where Doctor Steel, Madame Shade, Warcry, Boneyard, Noise, and Carnivore were held.

Doctor Steel:

Each of us is strong, but together we are stonger still. Each of us brings different skills, but together we can put them to great use. Each of us can fight the aliens, but together we can defeat them. Let us therefore come together, unite as one against this threat, and form a team that will know no defeat, fear no enemy, balk at no challenge! We shall form a supergroup such as this world has never seen!
Let the aliens tremble at our name! Let the people of earth take heart! For WE shall be the authors of their salvation! WE shall write the death knell of our oppressive alien overlords! WE shall free ALL THE PEOPLES OF THIS WORLD from the chains of tyranny and bring about a new age of peace, prosperity, and above all FUN for everyone!
Come my brothers! Come my sisters! Come dinosaur, come zombie, come each and every one! The BAND OF STEEL is formed this day! And WE SHALL NOT BE DENIED!!!!!

Madame Shade:

Wait a minute. Why should you get top billing, Doctor? Just because you had a TV show and action figures, doesen't give you the right to tell us what to do. Why shouldn't we be Madame Shade's Irregulars?

Doctor Steel:

Tell you what to do? Tell you what to do? My dear lady, whatever gave you the impression that I intend to tell you what to do? Not only would the mere idea of such a thing be base folly, akin as it is to the idea that one can alter the laws of physics or herd cats, but it would also run highly counter to my expressed desire that the world become a place of happiness and fun. Do you think it would be fun taking orders from me, Madame Shade? Of course you do not!
No, what I propose is something entirely different! The Band of Steel is not some autocratic organizational pyramid, with Doctor Steel at its apex and you all below! Rather it is a collaborative effort, one in which we all seek to achieve our goal — to rid the world of this alien menace! We each and every one have our particular skills, talents, and abilities. You control your magics, Carnivore has his great ferocity, Boneyard his ability to travel through the earth, and so on. It merely so happens that my abilities correspond with those of a front man! I have experience before the cameras, I know how to get a message across to the masses, and I have excellent telepresence! In short, I am highly charismatic (insert tooth-gleaming smile here) and can use that ability to our advantage!
If we are to win this fight, we will need to rally earth to our side! In order to do that we must present a message that is both stirring and appealing! As the spokesmn for our group it would be my job to deliver that message, to win the people of earth over to our cause! While it is true that any of us could, in fact, step into that role it is equally true that there are some who are better able to play that part, as it were, than others.
As for the name, it is part of the plan! Our message to the people of earth must be strong, unified, focused like a laser to cut through the chains of alien oppression. While it is true that taking on the role of the Herald of Carnivore or Madam Shade's Zombie Mouthpiece are certainly within my capabilities, having the spokesman of the group not also be the front man will weaken out message. What is Madame Shade hiding, people will wonder, that she does not speak for herself? As I have said, we all have our own gifts and abilities — I suggest myself as front man because I am best equipped for it, and because I believe that each of us will need to use each and every one of our given talents to its utmost abillity if we are to succeed!
But truly, what is your concern, Madam Shade? Do you fear that I will take on the role of Emperor, giving commands to you all while lounging on a throne being fed on grapes? Do you believe that I have the power to bend each and every one of you unwilling to my will? Do you fear that I can somehow compel you to obey? I assure you, dear lady, that none of this is true! Doctor Steel burns with the same desire that burns within each of you — to see earth freed of its yoke of alien-imposed slavery! Had I the desire and the power to bend you to my will or compel your service, we would not be having this discussion! No! Doctor Steel will not compel, will not force, will not play the role of king of emperor or CEO! The very name I suggest, the Band of Steel, should show you my intent. It is a band, a circle. In a band all parts are equal, the whole only as strong as each part. can you not see from this that it is my wish that each of us be as equals in this endeavour?
Or do you worry that should we succeed I shall try to take the credit for myself? Again dear lady you need not wory! Should we succeed in freeing earth, that act alone will be the benchmark of our success or failure. If we fail then none will remember us. If we succeed then the laurels will fall in profusion upon each and every one of us, and humanity will shower us all with praise and adoration. Because we will succeed together, Madame Shade! Together! And in succeeding together, do you really believe that any part will be fogotten? Do you believe that the public will forget the power of your voodoo magic? The ferocity of Carnivore's attacks? They WILL NOT! On this you have my word, for as speaker for the group it is not simply my job to speak and to get the group's message across to others, but to tell the world of our exploits, to remind the world that no one member of the Band of Steel IS GREATER THAN ANY OTHER! That I stand before the cameras ONLY AS SPOKESMAN for a group that is greater than myself — greater than ANY OF US, Madame Shade — the group that will FREE THIS GOOD EARTH from the oppression of aliens and BRING HOPE to the HEARTS OF THE MASSES once again!
Let us set aside this petty bickering, Madame Shade! I depend upon you — WE depend upon you — to do your part... to manipulate your magics and use them to bolster the team and help defeat the aliens. I believe in you, Madame Shade! I believe that you feel as I do, that the desire to defeat the aliens burns in your heart as it burns in mine. I trust you, Madame Shade. I trust you to use your powers to the best of your ability to further our cause. The same goes for each and every one of you. I believe in you, I trust you, I know that you will not let me down, not let each other down, not let yourselves down. I ask in return only that you believe in me as I believe in you, that you trust me as I trust you. BELIEVE ME — I am the best of our troupe to represent us to the masses. I would not step into the role if I thought otherwise. TRUST ME — I will not betray you, will not lord above you, will not let you down. Doctor Steel has never stood for any such idea and HE NEVER WILL!
IF you believe me, IF you trust me, then let us join together, put our minor differences aside, and all get on with the task at hand. But if you cannot, if you will not give that trust, that belief in me then speak up now for all to hear. For if you will not trust me, then you will not trust the others! If you will not believe in me then you will not believe in them either! And if that trust, that belief is lacking, then we will not be the BAND OF STEEL, strong, courageous, and bold! We will be no sort of band, mere partners of convenience who will betray one another at the drop of a hat for momentary advantage. Do you think for a moment that such a group can stand against the alien menace? That weakened from within by doubt and distrust we can succeed against the threat from without? I do not, and I fear for earth if we fail. Come, I beg you. Yes, Doctor Steel begs! (Gets down on one knee). Please... all of you. Stand WITH Doctor Steel. I do not wish you to stand against me. I do not wish you to stand below me! I wish only that you join with me, each of you, with a whole heart and a fiery spirit! (Stands up) Let us form a group such as this world has never seen! Let us form a group such to make the aliens fear in their dark and evil hearts! Join with me and we shall shake the very PILLARS OF HEAVEN! (Bows)

(Followed by the first recorded standing ovation for a super-villain at the penitentiary.)

The Collected Speeches[edit]