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Welcome To The Freakshow is a play-by-post game of Masks: A New Generation run by kagechikara.


El Chango, played by DannyK

Lady Alicorn, played by Mr Sitouh

Reliquary, played by BlackSheep

Stellar, played by The Wyzard

Stheno, played by Unka Josh


Current Stats

Current Status

Relationship Chart


NPCs - Family

Dr and Dr Papadoupolis, Stheno's parents, university professors

Fiona, the Chalcedony Sorceress, Lady Alicorn's aunt

Camwyn, Lady Alicorn's uncle, previous wielder of Werewindle

His Majesty Chance, King of Chalcedony, Lady Alicorn's uncle

Prince Arthur, Lady Alicorn's cousin, possible next wielder of Werewindle

Anishaa Joshi, Reliquary's mother, cult survivor

Mr Villalobos, criminal gadgeteer, El Chango's father

NPCs - Villains

The Minotaur, the Lord of the Labyrinth, alien warlord

The Matriarch, elder demon, mother of the Blood Sisters

The Order of the Poisoned Chalice, demon-worshipping cult

Rey Loco, giant masked wrestler, hero-turned-villain

Edmund Callen, Count Twilight, hypnotic vampire, the team's first enemy

Corpsetaker, villain who wiped out the original Freakshow

NPCs - Other

Dr Tim, Stheno's specialist biologist

Wildgraf Starstrider, noble from Stellar's homeworld

Mary Keegan, formerly Stheno's best friend

Deputy Chief of Police, clashed with the team when they started out, holds a grudge

Creed, extremist religious hero, son of Templar, wields a holy sword

Mr Ortiz, electronics teacher at El Chango's high school

Baron Saturday, only survivor of the original Freakshow

Buzzbomb (Jesse Hill), hero turned celebrity gossip reporter

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