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A character from Welcome To The Freakshow.


Stellar is a member of a highly advanced civilization that controls the galactic core, calling themselves the Cynosure. She's forked her personality into a score or so shards and sent them all off to visit worlds with different cultures and levels of development. This fork came to earth!

Real Name: Not pronounceable.

Look: Stellar shifts gender as its convenient or amusing. She has light blue skin, dark blue-purple lips, pointy ears and sharp canines, color-changing metallic eyes and white hair in a spiky pixie cut. She wears any human clothing that catches her fancy when she isn't actively superheroing, but her actual costume is pretty practical.


  • Flight
  • Pretty tough
  • Telepathy and mind blasts
  • Stunning Beauty


  • Freak: +2
  • Danger: -1
  • Savior: 0
  • Superior: +2
  • Mundane: 0


• Where do you come from? The Cynosure. A civilization advanced far beyond your own, in the galactic core. • Why did you come to Earth? I came here to have my Tarriance. I'm here to gain experiences and memories, which will merge together into a more complete personality when my Tarriance is through. • Why do you want to stay here (for now at least)? It's exciting! There are other forks of me on other worlds, and I want to have the best, most significant memories of all of them when we merge, so that I can predominate in the merger. Earth is good for that, because there's lots of change happening all the time. There are a few technological cusps in play, the rise of superheroes makes a lot of drama, color, and fighting, and I doubt that any of my other forks have friends this great. • Why do your people want you to come home? Being here isn't without risk, exactly, even though there are fail-safes. Also, the whole idea of the Tarriance is somewhat old-fashioned. Also...some of my other forks might want to end things early. • Why do you care about the team? They're my best friends here. And they're doing the best they can to help their world through a difficult transition, so they deserve an extra helping hand. Also, they're giving me great memories.

When our team first came together:

We didn’t trust each other at first, but that changed. Stheno shielded some innocent civilians with her body from an explosion. We all felt really bad for doubting each other after that.


You’ve been learning about Earth by spending time with Chango. You have a crush on Stheno, but you keep it under wraps.


Outsider Moves

Alien tech: When you alter a human device with your alien technology, roll + Freak. On a hit, you create a device that can do something impossible once and then fizzle. When you roll a 10+, choose one:

  • it works exceptionally well
  • you get an additional use out of it

On a miss, the device works, but it has a completely unintended side effect that the GM will reveal when you use it.

Kirby-craft: You have a vehicle, something from your home. It looks like a flying saucer when the chameleon plating isn't engaged, but it can look like something else when need be. When you are flying your ship, you can use it to unleash your powers, directly engage a threat, or defend someone using Superior.

  • Strengths: Chameleon plating, Dimension-shifting
  • Weaknesses: Slow and clumsy, Unarmed

Not so different after all: When you talk about your home, roll + Freak. On a 10+, choose two. On a 7-9, choose one. During the conversation, you:

  • confess a flaw of your home; add 1 Team to the pool
  • mislead them about your home; take Influence over them
  • describe the glories of your home; clear a condition

On a miss, you inadvertently reveal more about yourself than you planned; tell them a secret or vulnerability you haven’t shared with Earthlings before now.

Team Moves

  • When you share a triumphant celebration with someone, take Influence over them if you show them meaningful affection, physical or emotional. They decide if it’s meaningful.
  • When you share a vulnerability or weakness with someone, they tell you what you should do to fit in more. Take +1 forward to do it, and mark potential if you do.

How are you different?

The Cynosure use telepathy as just another sense, and thus Stellar often recognizes people by their mental signature rather than by their appearance or sound. They also don't exactly talk where he's from, or use screens or buttons or controls of any kind. It's all telepathic. He's relatively sensitive to emotions that people are hiding or unaware of. Further, there are a lot of privacy taboos that don't translate. At all. Stellar is used to people's needs being met in ways that doesn't involve a lot of government or bureaucracy as an earthling would recognize it, so Stellar often views laws as ridiculous customs rather than as something important. Actually, Stellar is likely to view a lot of things that humans view as very important as trivial local customs, free to be ignored. Stellar's people would more or less literally view Earth as a playground for Stellar to figure himself out rather than a place full of people that are important in their own right. Stellar struggles with that attitude, but hasn't talked about it at all. The Tarriance is really just fancied-up disaster tourism or war tourism. If Stellar decided to become a villain or did really heinous things here on earth, her people would not care so long as she got it out of her system before coming home.

Also, in her culture, supernormal abilities map fairly directly to social status. She finds the idea of some no-powers-having Mayor giving a medal to even the least of superheroes to be hilarious.

Moment of Truth

You embrace your home and call them for aid. They will answer your call—in force!—arriving exactly when you need them to turn the tide. They fight and serve you for the rest of the battle. Of course, when all is said and done...they’d probably like to take you home with them. You did, after all, just prove yourself worthy.

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