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A character from Welcome To The Freakshow.


Stheno is a nice young lady, adopted by loving parents, who may have been keeping her essential lack of humanity from her. She's taken to transforming into a gigantic, semi-insectoid, gigantically-clawed entity, but deep down, she still is a very girly girl who wants to look pretty.

Real Name: Tara Papadoupolis

Look: Woman(?), Asian, Mismatched Eyes, Alien Flesh, Unnverving Costume


  • Inhuman Might
  • Transmuting Flesh


  • Freak: +3
  • Danger: +1
  • Savior: +1
  • Superior: -1
  • Mundane: -1


  • Who were you before? I was Tara Papadoupolis, just an ordinary child of a pair of university professors. Or so I thought.
  • When did you change? It started over the past year or two, and it's been accelerating.
  • What caused it? ...My parents keep hinting at something, but they're too scared to just tell me the truth that I figured out years ago: I'm adopted. And now I'm not sure that I'm actually human at all, even from birth.
  • Who, outside the team, is helping you understand your new body? My parents referred me to a doctor that they know; he's very nice, and he's encouraging me to test what I can do. But Tim isn't a physician. He's a marine biologist. And that scares me. What am I, really?
  • Why don't you just try to hide yourself away? Because this is SO NOT FAIR! I'm a pretty girl inside still, I know it! And if they won't accept me just as that because of... all this... then maybe they'll accept me if I'm helpful? That's a thing, right?
  • Why do you care about the team? Because they aren't afraid of me. And because helping them is doing something good with my life, and with what my body is turning into.

When our team first came together:[edit]

We didn’t trust each other at first, but that changed. Stheno shielded some innocent civilians with her body from an explosion. We all felt really bad for doubting each other after that.


Lady Alicorn comforted me when I was at my lowest El Chango knew me before I changed


The Transformed Moves[edit]

Wish I Could Be (When you comfort or support someone, if you tell them what you envy about them, roll +Freak instead of +Mundane)

Be The Monster (When you frighten others with your monstrous form, roll +Freak. On a hit, they are thrown off and make themselves vulnerable to you, or they flee. On a 10+, pick one. On a 7-9, pick two: You frighten others you didn't intend to scare, you hurt someone or break something you shouldn't have, you feel like more of a monster afterwards and mark a Condition)

Coming For You (When you mark a condition, take +1 Forward against the person you most blame for causing it)

Team Moves[edit]

When you share a triumphant celebration with someone, clear one condition if they treat you like a normal person. Mark potential if they praise your powers or abilities.

When you share a vulnerability or weakness with someone, ask them if they think you're gaining or losing humanity. If they say losing, mark Potential and also a Condition. If they say gaining, raise Mundane and lower another label.

Moment of Truth[edit]

Not yet unlocked