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City of Light

A Werewolf: the Forsaken 2nd edition Chronicle set in contemporary Paris.


This wiki supports City of Light, set in modern-day Paris, featuring the exploits of the Bronze Guard. Their Hunting Grounds are defined by [geographical features], in the commune of Montreuil in the arrondissement of Bobigny. The territory is not formally claimed by either of the dominant Protectorates in the city, but was previously held by the wolf-cult called The Transmutative Path, led by The Changeling, Louis Moreau. Moreau was driven off when the Bronze Guard destroyed the cult, but is still at large. Some of the surviving cultists opted to remain with the pack, forming the nucleus of a new one.

The headquarters of the Bronze Guard is the old railyard and former junkyard on [street location]. It is now ostensibly an artist's workshop and commune. Rejuvenating both the old foundry on site, and the community more generally is one of the goals of the pack.

Main Sections

The Bronze Guard - Player Characters


[Deed Name] (Bianca Louvier) - Storm Lord Irraka, scion of a noted lineage who stalked the stalker 'neath the new moon.

Written in Blood (Jean Bosquet) - Blood Talon Rahu, a wasted life remade in a moment of carnage. In a relationship with Jeanette Lefevre.

Howling Phantom (Anton Saidi) - Bone Shadow Ithaeur, woken to deeper truths beneath the skin of Paris. Childhood friend of Henri.


Henri Cissé - a conspiracy's favoured weapon fled from its sheathe. Childhood friend of Anton.

The Bronze Guard - Non-player Characters


Zabasimuthari the Enduring Smith of Bronze - spirit of a crumbling foundry whose doors have long since shut. The pack's totem.


Jeanette Lefevre - A Sorbonne-educated post-graduate student writing on cults, she was drawn into the Transmutative Path and [stuff]. In a relationship with Written in Blood.


Marc - a painter who keeps himself fit.

Thérèse - an unskilled worker who temps in a hypermarket and as an office admin.

Ralph - a low-level IT worker of German origin.

Ariane - a middle-aged woman who is a cleaner by day, and takes no nonsense.

Francette - a pharmacist.

Matthew - a young musician.

Other Characters

Notable NPCs - People of note the player characters have met.

Campaign Notes

Paris, City of Light - The city which is the backdrop to the game.

The Territory - Montreuil - More detail on the territory held by the pack.



Paris on Wikipedia - An article on the city in which the game takes place - a jumping-off point for lots of information.
Paris - The city's official website (in English).


The podcasts. Here you can listen to the sessions, mostly as they happened (we've only edited out dead air, not the general blather, noise of clattering dice and so on) for yourself. All are broken into two parts for ease of digestion.
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