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Dauntless Class Light Cruiser

Wrested from a Space Hulk - Adventurous

SP: 70/70

Space: 59/60

Power: 58/60


Speed: 8

Maneuverability: +18 (+23 to avoid Celestial Phenomena)

Detection: +18 (+28 when on an Endeavor, +8 when not)

Hull Integrity: 60

Armour: 20

Turret Rating: 1



Morale: 105


Strelov II Warp Engine

Gellar Field

Void Shield Array

Vitae Life Sustainer

Voidsmen's Quarters

Combat Bridge

R-50 Auspex Multi-band Auger

Supplements: Warpsbane Hull, Compartmentalized Cargo Hold, Extended Supply Vaults, Temple-Shrine to the God-Emperor, Barracks, Librarian Vault, Trophy Room, Observation Dome.


Port & Starboard: Mars Pattern Macrocannon

Strength 3 Damage 1d10+2 Crit Rating 5 Range 6

Prow: Titanforge Lance Weapon

Strength 1 Damage 1d10+4 Crit Rating 3 Range 6

Achievement Bonuses

+150 Trade, +100 Military, +100 Creed, +100 Exploration, +50 Criminal

Trait Stuff

+10 to Investigation Skill Tests while on-board the ship. Cursed!: GM rolls twice for misfortune and selects the worst. +10 to repair so long as the Bridge is undamaged. +10 to Navigate the warp, roll twice for Warp Travel Encounters & the Navigator selects which to take. +20 to Command tests for boarding/hit and run, so long as we have Troops on board.

The Journey was salvaged from a massive space hulk which was actually inhabited by humans. They had formed a self-sustaining deep-void colony there, clustered around an ancient plasma-drive with a plenteous of algae-vats and endlessly recycling every scrap of metal and material. When the conglomeration was discovered again, it was found to harbor some fairly serious heresies due to its long separation from the Ecclesiarchy, and perhaps from its inhabitants too-intimate contact with the dark between the stars. The population was cleansed or relocated as appropriate to their repentance, the DarkStar was broken up and its component ships examined for worth. The Journey was found to be the one in the best shape. She was refitted, powered-up, and when her cogitators turned on the machine spirit was found to have a remarkably "young" and energetic personality. She was raring to go after her long slumber and confinement, and seems more than eager to explore the wide frontiers of the Galaxy. The ship, in fact, seems to bore easily.

Designed By:The Wyzard