Wiley Hoop

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William "Wiley" Hoop


Mental d8
Physical d8
Social d8


Drive d8
Influence d8 Disarming Charm
Know d6 Disreputable Folk
Move d6
Notice d8
Operate d6
Shoot d12
Sneak d10 Slipping Away
Trick d10 Distraction

All others skills at d4


Dead Eye d8
Take Aim: Step back Move until the end of the scene to create an In My Crosshairs d8 Asset.
Smooth Talker d8
Gift of Gab: Spend 1 PP to double your Influence die for your next roll.
Lifetime of Misdeeds d8
Trick of the Trade: Spend 1 PP to create an Operate or Sneak Specialty for the rest of the session.

Signature Assets:

Pistol "Gloria" d8


Birthplace: The Black
Age: 27

Wiley was born on Silverhold to a family of struggling prospectors. When the silver mine rush went bust, Wiley was recuited into the browncoat militia toward the end of the Independence War, when things were getting last ditch and desperate. There wasn't much discipline or training, he and his fellow recuits were just given some surplus guns and pointed into battles. He was lucky not to see much action (though he did see some action as a sharpshooter) and got out with his skin intact.

Since the war ended, Wiley's been a hustler and hired-gun across a dozen border and rim worlds. He's rustled cattle, smuggled contraband, was a card shark and pool sharpie on Paquin for some years, got going in some places riding on charm and a bit of talent, but wore out his welcome one way or another, seen more than a few local jails, and always been on the move. Wiley's a dreaming schemer with lots of big plans that have gone south, and very little to show for it, except some bad reps.

He's recently hit rock bottom and is having a change of heart about his lowlife scamming and scheming. He's got some talent and Wiley wants to do something better by it, somehow, to show up his siblings (who have a low opinion of him) and impress his mom (who's been a bit heartbroken and disappointed but they still keep in touch).


Cocksure gunslinger with rusty hair, bright blue eyes, and an easy smile.