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(Battlefield Map)
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===Battlefield Map===
===Battlefield Map===
{| class="wikitable sortable"
{| class="wikitable sortable"
|'''1''' - Flower Garden ||--
|'''1''' - Flower Garden ||!DANGER!
|'''2''' - Elysium ||!DANGER! Dark Angel, Yuu, Ami, Haruka
|'''2''' - Elysium ||Dark Angel, Yuu, Ami, Haruka
|'''3''' - Purgatory ||Setsuna, Hikari
|'''3''' - Purgatory ||!DANGER! Setsuna, Hikari
|'''4''' - Hades ||!DANGER!
|'''4''' - Hades ||--
|'''5''' - Abyss ||--
|'''5''' - Abyss ||!DANGER!

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Combat and Resource Tracker


Name Resolve A/D/S Overcharge Status Effects Round Powers Scene Powers Episode Powers
Hanagawa Yuu 21/21 6F/7H/6M 0F/2H/0M
  • Courage Aura: Allies in same position gain +1 on all challenges
  • Momentum: 2
  • Reflector 0/1
  • Boost 2/3
  • Defensive Switch 2/2
  • Fight for Friends 2/2
  • Second Wind 1/1
  • Recover 3/3
  • Finisher (Powerful) 1/1
Misugi Haruka 21/21 9H/7F/5M 0H/0F/2M
  • Cruel Reaper: +1 to the damage of all attacks
  • Hex 1/1
  • Killing Blow 1/1
  • Blast Strike 1/1
  • Boost 3/3
  • Teleport 1/1
  • Fight for Friends 2/2
  • Reaping Strike 2/2
  • Recover 2/2
Mizuno Ami 21/21 6F/5M/8H 0F/2M/4H
  • Reflector
  • Boost 3/3
  • Power Dampening 1/1
  • Healing Magic 2/2
  • Dampen Overcharge 2/2
  • Recover 2/2
Shirayuki Hikari 21/21 8F/7M/4H 0F/1M/2H
  • Cruel Reaper: +1 to the damage of all attacks
  • Hex 1/1
  • Blast Strike 1/1
  • Speed Burst 1/1
  • Boost 3/3
  • Hate the World 2/2
  • Inflict 1/1
  • Dash Strike 2/2
  • Reaping Strike 2/2
  • Recover 2/2
Matsubara Setsuna 21/21 5F/10M/5H 0F/1M/0H
  • Calm
  • Divine Punishment 1/1
  • Boost 3/3
  • Empower 0/1
  • Guided Strike 2/2
  • Recover 2/2
  • Regeneration 0/1

Battlefield Map

1 - Flower Garden !DANGER!
2 - Elysium Dark Angel, Yuu, Ami, Haruka
3 - Purgatory !DANGER! Setsuna, Hikari
4 - Hades --
5 - Abyss !DANGER!



Hiro Onigasawa: Aino's paternal grandfather. Has been stuck in hospital for a while, old age having done no favor to his health. His wife is still alive, but suffers from Alzheimer, and he therefore cherishes any interaction with his family as possible. His son and daughter-in-law hardly visit him since their conjugal issues, but Aino sees him regularly. He is a fountain of wisdom to her, and though she doesn't get all his stories about cars and travelling the world, she enjoys them while she can.

Midorikawa Kaori: Eri's 14-year-old sister, student in the Junior High division of WCCPA and the member of literature club. Eri would do anything to protect her.

Kogoshisasorikai Yakuza: These are the people Ami grew up with, her aunts and uncles and cousins, and she cares about them. But she know realizes that, while they were always kind to her, they do awful things to other people. She hopes now that she's a magical girl she'll be able to find a way to redeem them (though she's reserving her wish for bringing her parents back from the dead).

Kino Ryuichi: A loan shark for the Kogoshisasorikai Yakuza and Ami's cousin. Ryuichi is an ambitious and clever young perfectionist who is fiercly loyal to the yakuza. He cares deeply about his family and dreams of rising up in the ranks. He is the one responsible for manipulating Setsuna's Dad into signing the loan that indebted the family to the yakuza, giving them free reign to torment and abuse the Matsubaras. Setsuna is hunting him to make him pay for hurting her family.

Shirayuki Kana: Hikari's mother had as such has the same raven hair and blue eyes. Hikari and her mother love ach other a great deal, however the obvious secret keeping about what happened to her dad and what he did has left them in a somewhat awkward place. This secrecy is putting some pressure on a bond that should theoretically be her strongest. Kana may appear to be cold, inside she's a very kind woman. Despite trying to hide it, she's also a fan of trashy romance novels.

Misugi Shizuo Shizuo is Haruka's father. He works at a steakhouse as one of the chefs, and has a particular love for teppanyaki. Before Stevitts came to her, Haruka had an interest in following in her father's footsteps, and even now, she knows how to cook a mean teriyaki. While Haruka loves her father dearly, both of them miss her mother badly, and it doesn't help that Haruka has two secrets to keep in the form of both her and her mother being Mahou Shoujo.

Kei and Futaba Hanagawa: Yuu's family. She loves them both very much, and they love their little Hero! She hasn't told them she's a magical girl, and doesn't like hiding it from them. She'll probably tell them eventually. She knows they'd be proud of her! Her father, Kei is a typical middle management salaryman, and her mother, Futaba works part time at the Ohanaya Flower Shop, and volunteers once a week at the Blooming Flowers Orphanage.

Kenta and Yuko Matsubara: Setsuna's parents who run a secondhand store in the Sakanaya Shopping District specializing in used electronics. Kenta is a kind man who wears his heart on his sleeve and always tries to see the best in people. He is very handy with electronics and is responsible for making sure their store's wares are in working order. Yuko is a sharp, serious, but caring woman who handles the buisness finances and inventory. She wishes Setsuna would focus more on her education and start planning for her future. The family never had much money to go around, only making just enough to get by and live a somewhat comfortable life. But around the time Setsuna entered High School the family was faced with a dire financial crisis and was in danger of losing everything. It was in this desperate moment that Kenta was approached by a man who seemed sympathetic to the family’s plight and offered Kenta a generous loan. This was all an act as the man was really a Yakuza loan shark who smelled blood in the water, and the loan he offered turned out to be anything but generous. Now the family is heavily in debt to the Yakuza due to outrageous interest payments, forcing all of them to take on extra work to keep up with the payments and avoid sinking too deep into poverty. However, this adversity has only brought them closer together as they all try to support each other through these hard times. They do not know about Setsuna's double life as a magical girl.

Friends & Allies

Stevitss the Tsukaima: Stevitts looks like a medium sized dog made of shadows with a beard plus a color-shifting gem in her forehead. She can travel in shadows and read the hearts of people.

Amano Mika and Amano Ayumi: Amano Mika is Haruka's best friend in the astronomy club. Mika and Haruka love tracking constellations and observing the movements of the sun and the moon. Mika's little sister, Ayumi, is in middle school, and often comes to see her big sister after class.

Mikoze Yui: 16 year old High School girl. Yuu's best friend since elementary school. They're in different classes but often eat lunch together. She's in the Volunteer Club. Yui has long black hair in a hime cut and tsurime eyes. She's outwardly a model student, but she has a mischievous streak and likes to cause minor trouble for the arogant, deceitful, or mean. She was drawn to Yuu's forthright and honest nature, and heroic behavior toward bullies.

Asakura Akira: A police detective, Eri's father's partner and something like a family friend. Occasionally drops by to make sure Eri and Kaori are fine.

WCCPA Gymnastics Club: Eri was a club's member, and showed a lot of promise; now, though, the just doesn't have anywhere near enough time... she remains friendly with the rest of the girls in the club, though.

Uehara Takuma: Hikari's classmate and head of the Occult Club. A very cheerfull person and a complete genki guy who doesn't let any challenge get in the way. Got a reputation for being a weirdo at college. Recognized by his black hair with a purple streak in it. Has a robe that makes him look like a wizard. He's known for carring around books(mostly about occult stuff) and he usually spends a lot of time at the library. Weirdly enough, a fan of shoujo.

Hayasaka Kumiko: Hikari's underclassman who sees some of her upperclassmen as her sempais. She is rather shy, meek and demure, which is worsened by the fact that she's a frequent target of bullying. Someone implanted an Oblivion Seed in her that caused her to transform into a violent Youma that tried to attack and torment everyone who bullied her. Her rampage was stopped thanks to the Mahou Shoujo and the Seed was removed from her body, returning her back to normal.

Kyusaku: Kyusaku-sensei, the history teacher. She's so far the only teacher who's concerned about the amount of effort Aino is pouring in to get validation from adults, and regularly advises her student to take it easy and get more rest. Maybe she actively suspects there's a problem at home, but Aino hasn't told her anything about it.

Kurosawa Yukari: Kurosawa Yukari is the PE teacher. She's friendly and approachable. She's also a closeted hero otakau, which Yuu discovered one day, and the two the them bonded over their shared love of heroes. Sometimes the two of them will go to live hero shows together (Kurosawa-sensei incognito). She's looks like a complete tomboy.

Nonohara Sakura: Nonohara-sensei is a one of Ami's teachers, a stern, proper, older woman and a bit of a disciplinarian, but also very caring about her students. Her own children and grandchildren have moved her away, leaving her somewhat lonely. Ever since Ami's parents have died, Nonohara-sensei has taken Ami under her wing, taking her out shopping with her or to the movies on weekends. Though Ami does not know it, Nonohara-sensei is contemplating applying to adopt Ami. Ami is simply happy to have an adult who has the time to invest in a relationship with her in a way the busy orphanage staff don't. Nonohara-sensei is aware that Ami's parents were yakuza--she's dug around a bit, looking into the girl's background as she contemplates adopting her.

Grace Nakamura: Grace Nakamura is Haruka's science teacher and one of her favorite ones in her class. Things are never boring when class is in session, and she's one of the few bright spots in what would normally be a dreary or boring day. She's also the faculty advisor to the Astronomy Club, which is another big plus in her book. On a personal note, she's also one of the few teachers that will sit down and listen to her when she talks about problems, though Haruka is always careful to leave the magical stuff out when she talks about them, as she knows that no one other than someone initiated into the magical world would even know about such things. Unlike most people in WCCPA, Grace uses a western name, and so uses the western naming order. She goes by either Nakamura-sensei (for most people) and Grace-sensei (for those who she's particularly close to).

Miyata Nanami: Setsuna's trendy and social media addicted childhood friend and member of the Student Council. Nanami is a boisterous and outgoing young girl that loves being the center of attention. Despite her childish and immature nature she actually has big plans for her future and dreams of attending medical school. As they entered high school they have had much less time to spend with each other; with Nanami becoming more involved with Clubs and school events while Setsuna had to to start working to help her parents. They’re still just as close as when they were kids though, and Nanami even saved up enough to buy the two of them matching phones so they can always stay in touch. When the two have time to hang out they like to sit around and read manga while Nanami fills Setsuna in on the latest school gossip which Setsuna is always too quick to believe. While not terribly exciting Setsuna treasures these moments and wishes they weren’t so rare. Nanami sometimes uses Setsuna as a guinea pig to practice first aid.

Kazuto Hayashi: A shy and reserved 16 year old high school boy who is a common sight around the shopping district. Hayashi recently moved into town from the country due to his parents getting new jobs. He has had a difficult time adjusting to the city having lived most of his life out in the sticks. One day while wandering around the shoping district like a lost soul Hayashi accidently bumped into Setsuna while she was running an errand for one of the stores. When Setsuna learned about his situation she offered to show him around town after work. Since moving to the city Hayashi has started to really get into gaming. He stops by the second store run by the Matsubaras frequently to look for deals on old games, and to visit Setsuna if she happens to be minding the store. On those days if work is slow they’ll hook up an old TV and play games to pass the time. Setsuna looks forward to his visits and enjoys his enthusiasm when it comes to his newfound hobby.

Miharu: A young magical girl with blue hair and power over the mind who attained her powers through mysterious means. Her parents are researchers for The Institute and have tasked Miharu with capturing any magical girls she can find, as well as implant oblivion seeds in people as part of an experiment to turn humans into artificial Youma. After Setsuna's capture Miharu allied with the magical girls to help rescue Setsuna and take down the Institute.

Youma & Other Enemies

Vidar: A youma that formed from the Oblivion Seed in Kumiko’s heart that took the form of a robed judge with blood soaked wings and wielded a massive gavel which it used to judge and punish the students at school. Ami, Yuu, and Aino entered Kumiko’s mind and helped seperate her from the Youma allowing the others to destroy it in Episide 1. Ami claimed its Oblivion Seed.

Surtr: A youma resembling a tall robed human engulfed in flames accompanied by several burning sprite-like creatures that has been haunting Yui’s dreams. Ami brought Yuu, Haruka, and Setsuna into her dreams to deal with it once and for all. Was destroyed in Episode 2 when Setsuna briefly lost control of her power. Setsuna claimed its Oblivion Seed.

Jotun Blut: A youma that looks like a bride covered in blood. It attacked the police escort outside Yuu's apartment and was defeated by Hikari, Eri, and Aino in Episode 2. Hikari claimed its Oblivion Seed.

Terrorsaur: A youma formed from a young child's anger and despair over the cancellation of their favorite hero show. Looks like a studio prop suit made to resemble a menacing dragon. Invaded Yuu's dreams, but was defeated after a fierce battle. Yuu claimed 2 Oblivion Seeds.

The Red and Blue Samurai: A pair of youma resembling a red samurai wielding 2 katanas, and a blue samurai with a large iron fan. Were formed from the despair of 2 samurai lovers forced to fight each other to death for the amusement of the masses. Attacked Hikari, Setsuna, and Yuko at her home and were defeated by the 2 magical girls. Hikari claimed their 2 Oblivion Seeds.

The Purple Possessor: A ghostly youma made of purple smoke that was sent by the Dark Angel to attack the Mahou Shoujo. Infiltrated the school and possessed Grace, Nonohara, and Kurosawa; the 3 teachers closest to Haruka, Yuu, and Ami. Was exorcised by Haruka and then defeated. Haruka, Yuu, and Ami claimed its 3 Oblivion Seeds.

Dark Avatar: A youma resembling the Dark Angel prophesied to bring about the end of the world. Had been haunting Haruka's dreams every night for a long time until the magical girls entered her dreams and finally put a stop to her never ending nightmare. Haruka, Ami, and Setsuna claimed its Oblivion Seeds.

Metagos: A plant-like youma with a ravenous appetite. Was once a strange and ancient sentient plant from a far off jungle that was worshiped by a local tribe before being aquired by The Institute and transformed into a youma. It attacked Setsuna and Hikari while investigating the Yakuza and was quickly defeated by the duo. Hikari claimed it’s 2 Oblivion Seeds.

Byakko: A youma with the appearance of a large and fierce tigress. After being captured by the Institute and refusing to cooperate with them Setsuna was fed to Byakko as part of an experiment. After absorbing Setsuna the youma underwent a transformation and took on several aspects of Setsuna's magical form, such as her armor and massive club. Upon discovering the magical abomination the other girls, sensing that Setsuna was still alive inside the youma, entered her dreamscape in hopes of defeating Byakko before it could completely assimilate Setsuna. Yuu saved Setsuna from certain death thanks to her heroic interventon, and together the magical girls defeated Byakko. Yuu, Haruka, and Hikari claimed its 3 Oblivion Seeds.

The Lonely Doll: A porcelain doll-like youma born from Setsuna's built up magic and her intense love for Hikari that bears an unsettling resemblance to Setsuna, but with a large porcelain hand making up it's lower half like a Drider. It tried to attack the crusader by severing her emotional ties to others, leaving her broken and alone. Was defeated by the magical girls and Haruka is holding onto its 3 Oblivion Seeds.

The Institute: A mysterious research organization seeking to understand Magic and use it to further their own agenda. Was responsible for a terrible incident that occurred during the previous generation of magical girls and was supposedly eradicated. Has somehow returned and seeks to capture more magical girls for an unknown purpose.

Miyata Ai: The current Matriarch of the Kogoshisasorika Yakuza who keeps them in line through fear and intimidation. Was once a low ranking member who has somehow risen all the way to the top thanks to influence from The Institute. Is driving the Yakuza into a frenzy in an effort to capture Ami.

The Dark Angel: A former ally of Haruka's mother who betrayed her final wish. Seeks to shatter the Dark God's prison and is responsible for the continued existence of The Institute, as well as Haruka's nightmares.


Wind Colored College Preparatory Academy: An escalator school that the Mahou Shoujo and many of their friends attend.

Blooming Flowers Orphanage: The orphanage where Ami lives and now considers her home. She has become emotionally close both to the other children and some of the staff.

Sakanaya Shopping District: A small, one block, old fashioned shopping district, with a number of small shops, second hand stores, a ramen stand, and a fish market. Yuu works part time here when she needs money, or otherwise helps out in various ways, making her a friend of the various shopkeepers; Eri also works part-time, occasionally. Setsuna works here frequently to help her parents make ends meet and watches the second hand store when needed.

Oba-san’s Arcade: An old arcade near the shopping district that has a wide variety of games ranging from old classics to the hot new games.

Fortuna Arcademy: A College with a very pleasant looking campus. Miharu usually hangs out around canpus waiting for orders from The Institute.

The Warehouse: An old abandoned Warehouse on the outskirts of town that the girls use as their secret base, after cleaning it up and adding some homey touches of course.


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