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This section is my attempt at putting together this style. I'll probably be using Extrakun's flavour text, which is below my version.

1. Attack Breaking Stance (1 Point): The bulk of the General Index is a lengthy description of differing weapons and explanations of how the weapons themselves shape any attacks or defenses that may be made with them. This allows the swordsman an uncanny understanding both their own weapon and those of others.
• You can draw your sword as a free action
• Add Silver Chi Modifier to Speed and Strike
• Negate the -10 penalty for defending against ranged attacks for the round

2. Perfect Reciprocation (2 Points): No attack is without flaw, every move has a counterstrike. This technique trains the swordsman to immediately counter any attack without concern for defense.
• This technique must be declared by the defender before the success of the attack roll is determined. If the attacker successfully strikes the defender, the defender will inflict damage upon the attacker as well, the amount of damage the defender does being determined as a normal strike, but using the bonus dice generated by the attacker. The defensive strike will by a critical if the attack was.
• The attacker will realize this before striking and have the option of doing no damage. If the attacker chooses to do no damage, representing their pulling the attack back at the last moment, the defender will also inflict no damage upon the attacker.

Below is a copy of Extrakun's original version of this style.

The Loner's Nine Swords (独孤九剑)
Rare Silver Style
Type: Artful (Sword)
Default Critical Success: None
Destiny Cost: 20

Requirement: Wu Wei 4+ or Genius 4+

The Loner Who Seeks a Loss (Dugu Quibai) sought the world for a worthy adversary. He found no one equal to his match, save for Wang Shaung, the creator of the Art of Nine Yin (九阴真经).

The Loner's Nine Swords is the zenith of the Loner's awesome skill. Its description is enough for most Wulin fighters to drool - it could counter the kung-fu of any sect, the techniques of any weapons and could even break the flow of one's Chi.

However, this kung-fu is hard to pick up. The first technique already requires one to memorize 3000 words and that's only the beginning - one must remember the maxim that "swordplay is dead, but those who wield the sword are alive". It calls for astute observation of an opponent's movement, being able to adjust one's fighting style and tactics for all occasions and most importantly, understanding that "no swordplay is better than any swordplay".

Movement I - The General Index (0)
Consisting of 3000 words, the General Index is the foundation of the Loner's Nine Swords, with no apparent logical connection between each sentence. It allows one to adapt the myriad of situations which the swordplay accounts for. However, it takes time to fully understand the mysteries of the General Index.

Movement II - Sword Breaker (1)
When activated, you add your Silver Chi modifier to all Strike and Initiative rolls against swords. Not just that, you get to make a prediction using your Awareness for your opponent's next move. You can use any of following techniques - elemental progression, internal/external and paired condition. Usually, the prediction is kung-fu oriented and lasts only for the next round.

Movement III - Saber Fiend (1)
When activated, you add your Crimson Chi modifier to all Strike and Initiative against sabers. By sabers, it means all sort of sabers, such as the usual saber, nine-ring saber and the kwan dao. Like Sword Breaker, you get to make a Prediction using your Awareness too.

Movement IV - Spear Hewer (2)
Gain Silver Chi modifier to all Strike and Initiative rolls against spears, allowing you to make a free prediction at the same time.

Movement V - Whip Breaker (2)
Gain Silver Chi modifier to all Strike and Initiative rolls against whips. The usual prediction ability applies too.

Movement VI - Lock Breaker (3)
Gain Silver Chi modifier to all Strike and Initiative rolls against flexible weapons which range are longer that of a whip. The keyword here is flexible. A three-section-staff is considered as a "lock", not as a whip, for instance.

Movement VII - Fist Breaker (3)
Gain Silver Chi modifier to all Strike and Initiative rolls against bare-hand kung fu. The usual prediction ability applies too.

Movement VIII - Defy Missile (4)
You negate the -10 penalty for defending against ranged attacks with an Artful defense. If you succeed in defending, you deflect the missile back, using what you have rolled to determine damage. Against all ranged defense (vs. your melee attacks), you add your Crimson Chi modifier to your Strike rolls.

Movement XI - Qi Breaker (5)
This is an enigmatic technique which has not seemed the light since the death of the Loner. Yang Guo might have re-created it as his "Dark Fire and Soul Extinguishing Stance". When attacking someone who is modifying his Block or Dodge with Chi, Qi Breaker allows you to add your White Chi modifier to your Strike. When defending against attack which strike has been modified by Chi, you get to add your White Chi modifier to your defense roll.


  • Bonus: You gain the skill Loner's Nine Swords at a level equal to your highest technique.

10 Entangled Destiny: You are somehow entangled with the world of Wulin at large, which cause Fate to hand you this set of godly sword plays. If you do not choose this, work out with the Sage how you would justify knowing such a set of powerful swordplays.

10 Secret: You learn the Secret of the General Index. It allows you to adapt at any situation at hands. You can use 2 Chi of the same color to take the place of 1 Silver Chi

10 Secret: Requires the first secret above. You learnt the inner mysteries of adapting yourself to any situation. For you, Loner's Nine Swords becomes a Pure technique. You can use any Chi to power the techniques and use that Chi modifier for that technique instead of the one stated. For good role-playing, your action shall match the Chi spent.

10 Secret: You understand the maxim behind the Loner's Nine Swords. "The Loner's Nine Swords, only advancing, never retreating. Only attacking, never defending." The reasoning is this - if your attacks are powerful enough, always reaching the opponent's vital points, then they will definitely defend themselves, or alter their course. Hence there's no need for you to defend yourself.

After you make an attack, your opponent must make a Confident roll, opposed by what you have rolled, or else suffer a major Self-Preservation condition. This is a Silver Chi Condition, and last the effect of the entire fight. This condition is unique such that it only takes a Confidence roll (as a free action) of the victim itself to recover.

The Self Preservation weakness condition is that your opponent must defend himself on his next round, and not attack you. Failure to do so will cause a -10 penalty to the next roll as well as a loss of White Chi.

You are entitled to the free Confidence roll regardless whether you hit or not.

10 Secret: This requires the above Secret. You fully grasp the maxim of "attacking, never defending". All defense rolls you made are actually offence. If you score a critical success when parrying/blocking with a sword, you get to inflict damage as per the usual rule.