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ajdynon's Wuxia High game.


The school is a private school based in Hong Kong, owned by a Mr. John Chen Wu. It's pretty much an open secret at the school that he is actually Xuan Wu (known to the Japanese as Genbu), one of the Four Gods of Chinese mythology and patron of the martial arts. The school also has access to facilities in mainland China. It emphasises the teaching of xia values alongside martial skill, and is open to any student with a love of the martial arts, regardless of nationality.

Story So Far[edit]

Meet the Stars![edit]

Sample Character Sheet



Glorious Steel Tiger Brigade

  • Hu Chin-Mei
  • Khawla Hassan
  • William Vanderhaar
  • Akagi Nagehiko
  • Tieu
  • Zhen Li
  • Kathy Hart

"Rooster Head"

Fan Creations[edit]

Character Vignettes