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Incorporating the SRD into this SRD

Mediawiki Cheatsheet

Incorporation notes[edit]


Lizardfolk Or, this version from 5th ed.

NPC classes:[edit]

  • Adept [1]
  • Warrior [2]
  • "ninja" [3] (there are only ever 2 of these, the master and his apprentice. They lead the cult of the Mistress of Shadows.)


30 Classes: [Balance Point noted if necessary]

  • Assassin [4]
  • Barbarian [5] (Berzerker)
  • Bard [6] (don't use, just reference it for the actual bard)
  • Cleric
  • Druid
  • Dread Necromancer [7]
  • Elementalist [8]
  • Fighter [9]
  • Fire mage [10] [BP-1]
  • Jester [11] (Shadow Agent of the Cult of the Mistress of Shadows)
  • Knight [12] [BP-1]
  • Monk [13] (rename needed)
  • Ninja [14] (Shadow Rogue of the Cult of the Mistress of Shadows)
  • Paladin [15] (strip it of the religious aspects, make it a palace guard)
  • Priest [16] (Shadow Priest of the Cult of the Mistress of Shadows, all domains available)
  • Puppeteer [17] (maybe a name change) [BP-1]
  • Ranger [18]
  • Rogue [BP-1]
  • Ronin [19] (Shadow Warrior of the Cult of the Mistress of Shadows, very weak but maybe fitting for NPC guards) [BP-1]
  • Samurai [20] (Shadow Knight of the Cult of the Mistress of Shadows)
  • Shadowcaster[21] (of the Cult of the Mistress of Shadows)
  • Sorcerer [22] (consider whether or not it fits at all, it might not)
  • Soulborn [23] (Shadowborn of the Cult of the Mistress of Shadows)
  • Spirit Shaman [24] / or the shaman here [25], more like a necro
  • Summoner [26]
  • Templar [27]
  • Thief Acrobat[28] [BP-1]
  • Totemist [29] (the Behir totem's range needs to be a cone, not line)
  • Warlock [30]
  • Wintersmith [31]
  • Witch [32] (maybe a name change, I can't get past it)
  • Wizard


[33] (This will require quite a bit of rewriting to strip it of its "change from" verbage. Also, the Dowsing skill is stupid and the class lists will have to be reworked.)


Other Rules[edit]

  • [36] (changes ranges for bows and spells)
  • Multi-weapon [37] (something like this anyway)
  • Creature scaling [38]
  • hit points [39]
  • saves [40]
  • full attacks [41] (If you full attack all secondary attacks are at -5, otherwise as a standard action all secondary attacks are at -5,-10,-15 etc. Maybe rework this too.)
  • initiative [42]
  • level-based benefits [43] (consider it)
  • spell points [44] (this would require a rather large amount of work to impliment but it is pretty awesome and removes my desire to rewrite the entire spells list)
  • spell points [45] (another to consider)
  • turning [46]
  • poisons [47]
  • counterspelling [48] (Rewrite it to "dispel" is a magical action any spellcaster can attempt, not a spell. You set the level and expend a spell of that level. Otherwise this is great.)
  • Armor gives you Damage Conversion which changes hp damage to "non-lethal" damage, making both healing & armor better.
  • Does havign the edge prevent opponents from making a 5' step w/o provoking? It should.
  • "Immediate Action" is a reaction. Why is it not called a Reaction? An opportunity attack is a reaction. Small, fast weapons allow you to make an OA 1/round without spending your Reaction.
  • All "magic" is a focus of the innate ability latent in all living beings. Some focus this into totally awesome fighting moves, some into reality-bending magic. Making it big and flashy means building up a pool of mana and spending it down, whereas others just tap into it a little at a time and cannot pool it up. All classes are magical; a mundane class is an NPC (the majority of the world). Sword masters grow up into super heroes.
  • Every other being uses Pathfinder build information with Tome combat rules. Magic is very rare among those using Pathfinder, and those who practice it do so like a newb.
  • Magic item bonuses should be quite varied (so I can have +1 Cha bracers and a +1 Cha tiara for a total of +2, each item having other things on it as well). But there should be limits as to how much of a boost you can get from the total of all bonus types. It hampers the game to have players try to get any many bonus types as possible to go well outside the range of the RNG, so stick with the RNG-friendly limits and relax on the bonus type limitations. This applies to ability score bonuses, damage, to-hit, hp, saves, etc.
  • Something needs to be done about chargen. Making a really strong human with a 16 Str should seem less stupid when compared to a dwarf with 20 Str. That 4 Str equates to the same to-hit bonuses gained from 2 levels or 2 feats. What's the human getting for making a more realistic character?




The world is a dark place, but not just because it is dangerous, vast, and largely unknown. Men are dark beings of evil intent, greed, dishonor, and violence. There are no knights of royal bearing and chivalrous discipline. There are no paladins or clerics of gods of honor, valor, grace, or mercy. What gods there once were are forgotten, their priests hunted and killed, their temples desecrated. Gods were made again, from the people who shone brightest or who saught the glory. Mankind cannot help but worship. The leaders of old were simply followed, then reveared, later worshipped. The deaths of these new gods became religeous, their tombs the new temples. Tales were told far and wide of the world before. The hermit emperor who could not die, nor rule his empire from his palace; the betreyal of the sun when she turned life into unlife and how the ancients abandoned her and each night hoped she would never return; the flying auroch heffer who suckled the beasts of the wild, giving them new form and culture like man; the giants who once ruled the world and created orcs and goblins; the tyrants and despots who wielded godmagic to control the lives of men, and how the new gods rose up against them to create a new world.

The undead hordes succeeded in killing almost everything that was, leaving the world bereft and harsh. Fires consumed much, from those undead who caught fire and became walking bonfires. Ghosts and those who drained warmth created frozen lakes that held back water from the plains below, encasing towns in ice that crushed ill-prepared roofs - then left, leaving dams to thaw into floods and towns to suddenly turn to swamps rotting in the mists. Only that which was crafted in magic could withstand the centuries. Magic having no where to go, inhabited the beings of life. The more intelligent and imbued with magic a creature was, the more drawn it was to objects containing magic, so in even a bear's den one might find some trinket from ancient times that the bear cared for as if it were a cub.

Language, customs, cultures, and craft all lost, the world is fragmented again. "Combine" is a misunderstood word that means simply "old" to some, "unity" to others, "the land of the gods" in some circles, or a legendary place that exists only in tales, for surely the world was never united by one people. Life is cheap, morals are few and oft ignored, and where two men are gathered one will achieve power over another.

The Moon[edit]

You are the remnant of the Empire's small outpost on Luclin (Tongar), only a few centuries after the Sundering. However, that's not really what the people know.

The leadership has determined that since they don't know how to get back, the important thing is to establish their own empire in their new home. To that end they have obscured the truth from the people to ensure no one tries to get to the planet, which isn't possible anyway because reasons.

You are members of the last bastion of civilization, trying to expand your territories to ensure the future of your nation, the XXXXXXXX. The kingdom has a mixture of the standard fantasy races.

Other people of the world[edit]

  • The enigmatic people of the Warring States of the Third Mystic Hegemony of the Serpent Emperor (based loosely on ancient China's warring states period - they are oriental in culture and closest to Xiongnu. The "serpent emperor" was once a Shissar but the hegemonics killed their slavemasters and took over the government so "serpent emperor" is no longer a serpent at all, but once was). Matriarchal and spiritual, but largely uncivilized. They sometimes keep beastmen as pets, being very careful to raise them with the animals of their tribes and never to speak to them (to avoid the beastmen learning how to be like them). Their language and religion is much like Tengri, and they call the world Tongar Akaidusella (just Tongar outside of ceremony) which means "God's birthing basket". Most of their people go around unclothed, they dance but do not sing, they do not hold land but instead respect only strength where rights are concerned, and they are prone to violence based on little more than whimsy. I'm not sure what race this is.
  • Primitive bands of "beastmen" or "ferals". These are groups of humanoids who were once raised by animals, lived their lives in the wild, lost civilization and culture and humanity, and are very slowly finding ways to react to each other in less animalistic fashions (decendants of feral children). They are very strong and agile, very capable humanoid animals, but cannot speak, have no craft whatsoever (always naked, don't build homes, etc), and HUNT other humanoids. Very dangerous, very prolific. They have tribes that stay with herds of animals, learning to be like the animals and each other, and rarely mix at all with those of other tribes. They tend to act just like their animals, except that they will aggressively attack anyone who attempts to take their land or endanger their tribe.
  • Natives of the world are largely classified as Outsiders. The only humanoids are the civilized races that moved there from the world above. Other race ides can be found here


The players are a part of the Combine remnant on the moon, which they call Tongar after the hegemonic term. But, they don't know that. Instead they are told they are the last civilization on a world once controlled by their kind. The goal is not just to keep civilization alive, but to expand into new territory and slaughter their enemies.