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youtube link: m7JyqAPTAd8 Also check this for aarakocra
Maybe aarakocra and tengu are subraces of Birdfolk.


Lizardfolk are humanoid lizard people. They lay eggs, have tails and scaly skin, and have a very primitive culture. Lizardfolk are very capable swimmers, though they do not always live near bodies of water. Their diet includes many plants and animals which would be poisonous to other creatures, including some rocks besides salt. This results in their skin producing a reactive coating which slowly corrodes metals and makes contact with most metals very uncomfortable. Therefore lizardfolk have little reason to mine, and avoid using bare metals when possible. Lizardfolk settlements are usually made of wood, with little stone, and designed to integrate with the natural surroundings. Lizardfolk, especially the Ishin, are more attuned to nature than other creatures. Humans often call lizardfolk “the beast that talks.” However, they do have culture and a civilization of sorts, and they hold territory, enforce a type of justice, and make art. There are two subraces of lizardfolk: the Ishin and Vonaylu.


The Ishin are short (option to be small) and telepathic. When speed is important they prefer to run on all fours, but this precludes them from carrying things in their hands. They are an enigma to all other races, but the Ishin who wish to deal with outsiders can learn to behave in a less mysterious, creepy fashion. The Ishin are driven to serve their tribes, recognizing no familial distinction, only tribal identity. Ishin are fractured, however, into many tribes that sometimes war with each other. Ishin often form bonds so close as to function as nearly identical copies of one another, two bodies with the same mind. Ishin are fast and capable climbers, with some tribes living high in jungle canopies and rarely visiting the soil below.

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The Vonaylu are much larger than the Ishin, strong and tough. They lack the telepathic abilities of their cousins, but make up for it with keen senses, fast reflexes, and a bite attack. They see individuality as a great evil, and see the act of subsuming their will to those in power as the test of civilization. Even the leaders among the Vonaylu make all their decisions based off sets of arbitrary laws or religious teachings. Vonaylu do one thing their entire lives, determined when they are still in the egg. To outsiders it seems as though Vonaylu have no free will other than what it takes to react to one’s surroundings. Vonaylu are incapable of appreciating or making music of any kind. Rhythm itself seems a concept they cannot grasp, and they dislike the sound of singing that humans and other races make. They do however greatly appreciate poetry, especially that which is carefully constructed to follow recognizable rules. Vonaylu build out of stone more often than do Ishin, and their décor nearly always includes realistic representations of Vonaylu and other living creatures. Plants are not thought by Vonaylu to be living things, but rather physical expressions of the will of the natural world, like artwork.

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Lizardfolk Traits[edit]

  • Dex +1
  • Medium size, speed 30
  • Some social penalty when dealing with non-lizardfolk
  • Max Dex modifier in metal armor is 1 less.
  • Something about healing faster
  • Darkvision 10 ft. ??
Ishin Traits[edit]
  • Wis +2
  • At character creation can choose to be Small size, speed 25
  • Climb speed 20, swim speed 30
  • Telepathic to a range of 120 ft. but only with other Ishin. Telepathic to a range of 10 ft. with other creatures.
  • If you carry nothing in your hands and take the dash action, you can run on all fours and gain an extra 20 ft. of movement.
  • You can make the Disengage action as an Immediate action ??
Vonaylu Traits[edit]
  • Str +1, Con +1
  • Swim speed 20
  • You have a bite attack with which you are proficient. It deals 1d4 + Str modifier damage.
  • Proficiency in one of the following: Perception, History of Vonaylu society, Stealth, Survival, Reflex saves
  • Disadvantage vs. charm, Adv. vs. fear
  • Your AC is 12 + Dex modifier unless your armor is better.