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Young Kingdoms

Young Kingdoms Adventures is a supplement filled with story ideas specifically intended for Elric! or Stormbringer Fifth Edition. A listing of all of these background pages can be found at the Young Kingdoms Adventures Main Page.

The Island of the Purple Towns has been set up as a starting place for Stormbringer adventures beginning with the Elric! edition. It's very centrally located and a bastion of law, yet is big enough to provide some variety. The fourth edition book Sea Kings of the Purple Towns (CH2114) continues to be the best resource for the island; what follows just expands on that.

This article covers the Island generally; information on specific cities appears elsewhere.

Background Information

The Island of the Purple Towns is the nexus of trade in the Young Kingdoms, both because of its location in the middle of the world and because of its aggressive mercantile empire. The Island is also a place of law dominant, where the slightest mistep can bring arrest or worst.


There have been many published adventures set on the Island of the Purple Towns. Beware, there are probably spoilers below.

Elric! Beginner's Adventures

Elric! provided a number of beginner's scenarios:

The Weight of Doom. Elric! rules pg. 138-142. (Also included in the nearly identical Stormbringer Fifth rules.) A short adventure mainly intended to set up the three forces in the Stormbringer universe. Not very good and not very convincingly set on the Island of the Purple Towns.

The Thought That Counts. Elric! rules pg. 142-147. (Also included in the Stormbringer Fifth rules.) A short adventure that spans from Menii to Kariss and involves the players with two merchants, one of whom deals with demons.

The Curse of Chardros. Elric! Gamemaster Screen. Another beginner's scenario, this one set at Castle Sternbrow, a bit southwest of Menii. The curse of the chaos-lord Chardros haunts a family.

Hoard of Amber. Herald of Doom vol.1 no.1 pg. 6-7. A short scenario centering on a shipment lost from Menii. (Herald of Doom was a quarterly 12-page zine about Elric! It lasted for at least two years.)

Stormbringer Adventures

Meanwhile the fourth edition of Stormbringer provided much more expansive adventures set in and around the Island of the Purple Towns.

The Strong Arms. SKotPT pg. 65-75. Issues regarding the Strong Arms tavern, really more of a campaign setup than a singular adventure since it covers a year's time.

Sisters of Chaos. SKotPT pg. 76-93. An adventure starting in Menii and centering on a chaos organization there, but it quickly crosses the sea to Vilmir and other countries of the south.

Kariss Burning. SKotPT pg. 116-125. The invasion of Kariss.

The adventure of The Unholy Fortress is also included in Sea Kings of the Purple Towns but not really set on the Island. It sort of acts as part of an overarching campaign including the other three, however.

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