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Sacred Blade: Kill D6, Bloodbound<br>
Goat's Leg Carbine: Kill D6, Ranged, Reload<br>
Book of handwritten theories and observations<br>
Book of handwritten theories and observations<br>

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Yohann Izain

AKA: Hann
Heritage: Human
Class: Witch
Calling: Enlightenment
Active Beats:
(Minor) Take a minor Mind fallout.
(Minor) Kill someone who is trying to stop you from claiming knowledge.

Resistances Stress Protections Fallout


Tattered Finery (worn formal suit) D6 Haven


Goat's Leg Carbine: Kill D6, Ranged, Reload
Book of handwritten theories and observations

Skills, Domains and Abilities

Skills Knacks Domains Knacks
Compel Cursed
Delve Desolate
Discern Haven
Endure Occult
Evade Religion
Hunt Technology
Kill Warren
Mend Wild


Unorthodox Methods Gain the Discern skill. Once per session, before you roll dice to resolve an action, instead state that your result is a 6. You succeed but take stress.

Crucible: You bring the energy of the Heart inside yourself and transmute it into crimson power. At any time, roll a D6. If it’s equal to or under your current Echo stress, clear that much stress from Echo and roll with mastery on your next action. If it’s over your current Echo stress, add that much stress to Echo. True Form: Your skin skitters with barely-contained force: the heartsblood within you is waiting to remake you as a flickering, hungry zoetrope horror. Whenever you want to, or when you suffer Major fallout, you enter your true form – describe it. When in your true form, you roll with mastery on Hunt and Kill checks, but all other checks become Risky. At the end of the current situation, you revert to your humanoid form.


Great and Terrible: You unlock the power of your true form – an awe-inspiring union of magic and flesh. You are no longer forced to assume your true form (see TRUE FORM, above) when you take Major fallout. When you choose to enter your true form, all adversaries who can see you take D4 stress.


Sacred Object: Once per session, when you assume your true form, downgrade one Blood fallout result you are suffering from by one step.

Wild Witch: You know the secrets of the wild things of the world, and are skilled at distilling their essences. Gain the Wild domain. When you’re in a landmark and have time to prepare, you can turn a resource with the Wild domain into a healing draught. When drunk, this draught removes Blood or Mind stress equal to its dice size minus one step – choose whether it’s Blood or Mind when you create it.

Implacable: You have withstood worse torments, and you will go on to do so again; through your blood you are stable, eternal, unwavering. Gain the Endure skill. Once per session, add 1 to a resistance of your choice. Remove the +1 at the end of the session.

Background, Bonds, and Notes

• What “impossible” thing are you attempting to achieve in the City Beneath?

  • To plant new carotid forests, so all can hear the song of the immortal beast. The blood of the hydra should flow through the veins of the worthy and the unworthy should be eaten.

• What’s the first step on your journey?

  • Being inducted into the witches of the hydra bloodline and gaining a connection to the legendary forest of the heart.

• Choose another player character. They’ve been invaluable in your journey so far. What have you learned from them?

• Choose another player character. You know they’re hiding secrets from you – why do you suspect they’re doing this?

  • The deadwalker has survived what he should not and will not tell me how.