Yukito (Yuki) Donaldson

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Yukito (Yuki) Donaldson

aka The Little Brother, or The Creature that Actually Likes Mornings
(NPC for Magical Bug Hunter)

Character Sheet


  • Body: 2
  • Mind: 3
  • Soul: 3

Derived Stats

  • ACV/DCV: 2/0
  • HP: 25
  • EP: 30
  • SV: 5


Animal Friendship: level 1
Appearance: level 2 (Annoyingly cute)


Ageism: level 2 (He's a first grade student)
Unskilled: level 1 (As said, first grader)


(1 point over, must be his sisters influence)
Artisan(Model Kits): level 1
Gaming(Computer Games): level 1
Sports(Four Square): level 1


Yuki is Miki's little brother. He likes animals of all sorts, model kits of all sorts (especially Gundam and old early airplanes especially seaplanes), and early morning cartoons. He likes his sister, but thinks she spends too much time on her computer studying and not enough time playing games (And can you believe it, she doesn't have even a single mecha game on that fancy computer of hers, what a waste!). His video games and model hobby don't keep him from playing outside. He's one of the neighborhoods Four Square enthusiasts and knows a few dozen variations. His favorite subjects in school are math and art, least favorite is history (unless it involves airplanes).