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  • Name: Rosalia "Little Lamp" Savory
  • Race: Human
  • Class: Bard
  • Paragon Path: Daring Blade
  • Level: 13
  • Background: Urban (+2 to Streetwise)
  • Theme: Docker


  • Str 9 (-1)
  • Con 16 (+3)
  • Dex 11 (+0)
  • Int 15 (+2)
  • Wis 15 (+2)
  • Cha 21 (+5)
    • Human bonus: +2 to Charisma

Defenses/Combat Stats

  • HP: 87
  • Healing Surges: 10
    • Surge Value: 21 HP
  • Speed: 6 (5 in armor)
  • Action Points: 1


  • AC: 28 (10 + 11 Armor + 6 Level + 1 Shield)
  • Fort: 25 (10 + 3 CON + 6 Level + 3 Amulet + 1 Belt + 2 Feat)
  • Ref: 25 (10 + 2 INT + 1 Class + 6 Level + 3 Amulet + 1 Boots + 2 Feat)
  • Will: 27 (10 + 5 CHA + 1 Class + 6 Level + 3 Amulet + 2 Feat)

Racial Traits

  • Bonus Skill
  • Bonus Feat
  • Bonus At-Will Power

Class Traits

  • Bardic Training
    • Gain Ritual Caster as a bonus feat, and a ritual book with 1 level 1 bard ritual, and 1 level 1 ritual of any kind.
  • Virtue of Valor
    • 1/round, when ally within 5 squares of me bloodies or defeats an enemy, I can grant 6 temporary HP to that ally as a free action.
  • Skill Versatility
    • +1 to untrained skill checks.
  • Song of Rest
    • If I can sing or play an instrument during a short rest, allies regain an extra 5 HP per healing surge they spend in that rest.
  • Swordbond
    • I may bond with a specific sword with a 1-hour ritual. I can call my bonded sword to my hand from 10 squares away and rebuild it from a fragment if it's destroyed.
  • Daring Action
    • Instead of gaining an extra action, I can spend an action point to mark every enemy I can see and gain 10 temp HP.
  • Daring Improvisation
    • When I make a martial melee weapon attack, I can use Charisma for the attack and damage roll in place of the ability score required by the attack.


(Trained Skills)

  • Acrobatics: +12
  • Arcana: +15
  • Athletics: +9
  • Bluff: +16
  • Diplomacy: +15
  • Dungeoneering: +12
  • Endurance: +14
  • Heal: +12
  • History: +15
  • Insight: +13
  • Intimidate: +16
  • Nature: +12
  • Perception: +13
  • Religion: +12
  • Stealth: +10
  • Streetwise: +18
  • Thievery: +12


  • Action Surge: +3 to attacks I make during any action gained by spending an action point.
  • Battle Song Expertise: +1/tier to attacks with weapons and bard implements, +1 to forced movement from bard powers;
  • Improved Majestic Word Target of majestic word also gains (CHA mod) temporary HP.
  • Heart of the Blade (Swordmage Multiclass) Gain training in Endurance and the Swordbond class feature. All swords also count as implements now!
  • Student of Artifice: Gain training in Arcana (redundant), and gain 1 daily use of the artificer's Healing Infusion.
  • Ritual Caster May use rituals
  • Bard of All Trades: Gain a +3 feat bonus to all untrained skill checks.
  • Improved Defenses: +1 to all non-armor defenses (+2 at Paragon; +3 at Epic).
  • Resourceful Leader (Warlord Multiclass): Gain training in History. When an ally I can see spends an action point for an attack, they gain +3 damage on a hit or +3 temp HP on a miss. (+5 at level 11; +7 at level 21).
  • Psychic Lock: Any target I hit with a psychic power has a -2 penalty to its next attack roll (already factored).
  • Improved Valor: Virtue of Valor gives +3 extra THP.


Accuracy with weapon powers: +19 (+5 CHA, +6 level, +3 proficiency, +2 feat, +3 item) Accuracy with implement powers: +16 (+5 CHA, +6 level, +2 feat, +3 item)

Damage bonus: +8 (+5 CHA, +3 item)

Psychic powers get an extra +1 accuracy from Headband of Intellect. All weapon powers are considered Psychic due to the Silver Blade.

At-Will Powers

  • Melee Basic Attack (standard, weapon, psychic):
    • +19 vs AC. Hit: 1d8+8 psychic damage, -2 to next attack.
  • Guiding Strike (standard, weapon, psychic):
    • Melee 1; +20 vs. AC.
    • Hit: 1d8+8 damage, -2 to next attack and -2 to a chosen defense until the end of my next turn.
  • Vicious Mockery (standard, charm, implement, psychic):
    • Ranged 10; +17 vs. Will.
    • Hit: 1d6+8 psychic, -4 to next attack, and -2 to other attacks until the end of my next turn.
    • I came here to kick your ass / Cuz you're dumb and cannot see / That even ten of you / Are worth less than half of me
  • Staggering Note (standard, implement, thunder):
    • Ranged 10; +16 vs. Will.
    • Hit: 8 thunder, push 3, and an ally can make a melee basic attack against the target before, after, or during the push.
  • Prototype Silver Blade (item, psychic, free action)
    • Effect: All damage dealt by this weapon is psychic. Another free action returns the damage to normal.
  • Audience Participation
    • Trigger: An enemy starts its turn adjacent to one or more non-combatants who are friendly to me and know I'm fighting.
    • Effect (No Action): The triggering enemy takes 5 damage for each friendly they're adjacent to.

Encounter Powers

  • (_)(_) Majestic Word (minor, healing)
    • Close burst 5 (me or an ally).
    • Target spends a healing surge, heals an extra 3d6+5 HP, and gains 5 temporary HP.
  • (_) Words of Friendship (minor, charm)
    • I gain a +5 power bonus to the next Diplomacy check I make.
  • (_) Docker's Jank (standard, teleportation)
    • Close Burst 5.
    • Me and an ally in the burst teleport and switch locations. The ally can then use a standard-action at-will power as a free action with a +2 power bonus to attack rolls.
  • (_) Shout of Triumph (standard, implement, thunder)
    • Close Blast 3 (enemies in blast); +16 vs. Fortitude.
    • Hit: 1d6+8 thunder and push 4.
    • Effect: Slide 4 on each ally in blast.
  • (_) Impelling Force (standard, implement, force)
    • Ranged 10; +16 vs. Fortitude
    • Hit: 1d10+8 force damage, and I slide the target 5 squares to a square adjacent to an ally.
  • (_) Scorpion's Claw Strike (standard, weapon, psychic)
    • Melee 1 (one creature): +20 vs. AC
    • Hit: 2d8+8 psychic damage, -2 to next attack, and I slide an ally who is adjacent to the target to another space adjacent to it. The ally gains a +2 power bonus to AC until the end of my next turn.
    • Miss: 5 damage.
  • (_) Inspire Competence (utility)
    • Close burst 5 (me and each ally in burst).
    • Effect: I choose a skill. Until the end of the encounter, all targets have a +2 power bonus to that skill.
  • (_) Revitalizing Incantation (minor, healing)
    • Ranged 5 (me or an ally)
    • Effect: Target can spend a healing surge and heal 1d6 extra HP. Additionally, target gains temp HP equal to their healing surge value.
  • (_) Healing Infusion: Resistive Formula (minor)
    • Close Burst 5 (me or an ally)
    • Effect: Target heals 1d6 HP and gains +1 to AC for the rest of the encounter. Target can choose to end this effect as a free action to gain HP equal to its healing surge value + 3 (CON Mod).
  • (_) Mantle of Unity
    • Close Burst 5 (me and each ally in burst)
    • Effect: Determine the highest AC, Fortitude, Reflex, and Will among all the targets. Until the end of your next turn, use these values for the corresponding defenses of

all the targets.

  • (_) Weapon Display (standard, weapon, psychic)
    • Melee 1 (one creature); +20 vs. AC
    • Effect: The target grants combat advantage to me for this attack.
    • Hit: 2d8+8 damage, -2 to next attack, and the target grants combat advantage to me and all my allies until the end of my next turn.
    • Miss: The target is marked until the end of my next turn, and I regain the use of this power.
  • (_) Defensive Posture
    • Move Action
    • Effect: I gain a +2 power bonus to AC and Reflex until the end of my next turn, then shift a number of squares equal to one-half my speed (2). Each ally that can see me gains a +2 power bonus to attack rolls until the end of your next turn.
  • (_) Insult of Passivity (fear, implement, psychic)
    • Ranged 10 (one creature); +20 vc. AC
    • Hit: 2d8+8 psychic damage and the target is dazed until the end of the encounter or until hit or missed by an attack.

Daily Powers

  • (_) Stirring Shout (standard, implement, psychic)
    • Ranged 10; +17 vs. Will.
    • Hit: 2d6+6 psychic, -2 to next attack.
    • Effect: Until the end of the encounter, whenever an ally hits the target, the ally heals 5 HP (CHA mod).
  • (_) Song of Discord (standard, implement, charm)
    • Ranged 10; +16 vs. Will.
    • Hit: The target is dominated until the end of my next turn.
    • Effect: The target makes a basic attack against an enemy of my choice.
  • (_) Sing Your Praises (minor, docker)
    • Close Burst 5 (10 at Paragon; 15 at Epic);
    • Effect: Each ally in the burst can immediately make a saving throw.
  • (_) Wail of Anguish (minor, implement)
    • Effect: Until the end of your next turn, you can make the following attack.
      • Opportunity Action, Close Burst 3; Trigger: an enemy starts turn inside burst; +17 vs. Will (triggering enemy); Hit: 1d10+8 damage and target cannot shift UENT.
    • Sustain Minor: The effect persists.
  • (_) Prototype Silver Blade (free)
    • Trigger: I hit an enemy with this blade.
    • Effect: I banish the target to a demiplane (save ends). It vanishes from sight, cannot take actions, and cannot be targeted. On a save the target reappears in its last space, or in the unoccupied space closest to that.
  • (_) Canary in a Coal Mine (minor)
    • Effect: I gain a fly speed equal to my speed until the end of my next turn.
  • (_) Guitar of Restfulness (standard)
    • Effect: When I use this power during a rest, I can grant myself and all allies who listened 9 temporary hit points.
  • (_) Ricochet Shield (Immediate Reaction)
    • Trigger: A ranged attack targeting AC misses me.
    • Effect: The source of the attack repeats the attack roll against a different target of my choice within 10 squares of me. If the attack roll succeeds, it hits that target (apply damage and effect where appropriate).


  • Glib Limerick (level 1)
  • Traveller's chant (level 1)
  • Lullaby (Level 3, 125/25)
  • Detect Planar Energy (Level 1, 50/10)
  • Comprehend Language (PHB, L1, 50/10)
  • Detect Secret Doors (PHB, L3, 125/25)
  • Knock (PHB, L4, 175/35)
  • Water Walk (PHB, L2, 100/20)
  • Endure Elements (PHB, L2, 100/20)
  • Lesser Telepathy (L5, 250/30+1 surge)
  • Call Wilderness Guide (PHB2, L6, 360/144)
  • Fool's Speech (PHB2, L6, 360/50)
  • Sending (PHB, L6, 360/50)
  • Linked Portal (PHB, L8, 680/135)
  • Song of Sustenance (PHB2, L8, 680/135)
  • Raise Dead (PHB, L8, 680/500)
  • Remove Affliction (PHB, L8, 680/250)
  • Chorus of Truth (PHB2, L10, 1000/200)


Xambria's Consciousness

  • Property:+2 to Acrobatics, Arcana, History, and Thievery checks (already calculated)
  • Property: +2 to all checks while performing rituals (since I already have Ritual Caster).
  • Current Concordance: 14
    • Starting: 5
    • Trained in History +2
    • Gained 5 Levels +5
    • Foiled 2 Obscurati Plots +2



  • Prototype Silver Blade +3 (longsword) (Prof +3, dam 1d8+Str, 4 lbs, Versatile, level 14) (21000 gp)
    • Critical Bonus: +3d8


  • Magic Chain +3 (Braidmail) (+11 AC, 40 lbs) (lvl 11, 9000 gp)
  • Ricochet Shield (+1 AC, 6 lbs., Arms slot) (13000gp)

Other Gear

  • Amulet of Protection +3 (9000 gp, lvl 11, Neck slot)
  • Belt of Vim (3400gp, lvl 8, Waist slot)
  • Boots of Quickness (3400 gp, lvl 8, Feet slot)
  • Gloves of the Healer (13000gp, lvl 12, Hands slot
  • Headband of Intellect (lvl 10, 5000gp, Head slot)
  • Wand of Aptitude (lvl 10, 5000gp, spare implement)
  • Investigation Kit (40 gp)
  • Bell and Whistle (1 gp)
  • Guitar of Rest (lvl 7, 2600gp)
  • 2 x Elixir of Aptitude (100gp)
  • 2 x Potion of Resistance (80gp)
  • 2 x Potion of Vitality (2000gp)
  • Worker's Clothes
    • Definitely not a lady's outfit. Trousers, undershirt, and boots, with a blue dress worn on top and a simple wide-brimmed hat.
  • Pocket Watch (25 gp)
  • 2401 GP in residuum.

Item Properties

  • Boots of Quickness: +1 Reflex (already factored).
  • Guitar or Restfulness: A more lore-appropriate form of the Sitar of Restfulness from Dragon 383. It gently weeps! Can be used as a +2 implement and as a focus for any bardic rituals.
  • Headband of Intellect: +2 to knowledge or monster knowledge checks, +1 to attack on powers that have the psychic keyword (already factored)
  • Gloves of the Healer: When I use a power that has the Healing keyword, one target regains an extra 1d6 HP (already factored).
  • Wand of Aptitude: When I use Inspire Competence through this wand, I give an extra +2 item bonus to my allies' skills.


Here is Rosalia Savory, whose family was in no way part of a Robin-Hood like bandit gang in the drier and more remote areas of Risur, and absolutely did not move to Flint and change identities to escape a royal crackdown on them. She grew up among the dockers of Flint, got into music, and found out she had a knack for child detective shenanigans. When she grew up she figured she might as well get paid for the detective stuff and maybe try to help her community with the weight of a badge behind her. Her style and political stance are somewhat at odds with the traditional image of an RHC constable but you can't argue with the results of the magic mind-reading entrance exam!

Rosalia's stage name is "Little Lamp" and she still performs in her spare time.

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