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Bright Edge is the personal estate of Princess Deirdre of Amber.

In her youth Princess Deirdre was a militant daughter in a militant family. King Oberon, and princes Benedict, Eric, and Corwin were the main defenders of Amber in the field and Deirdre grew up among them, becoming a warrior herself. Relegated to home defense she created and developed the Civilian City Cohorts. Her estate east of Jal, Crankle's Hollows, and the city estate of Bright Edge became regular training grounds for the CCC.


Located west of the South Gate of the city of Amber. The estate is against the South Wall and comprises about 10 acres of city land. Buildings surround a rectangular keep and comprise part of the south wall. Open land, mostly parkland, surrounds the castle.

Fres Mira[edit]

Fres Mira.jpg

Factor for Princess Deirdre before Patternfall and afterwards.

Born in a highly militant world that Deirdre fought in at some point she became a close companion and was eventually brought to Amber. Despite a turbulent military career in Amber she is listed on the Honorably Retired rolls.

She manages Princess Deirdre' town house which is a well known hot spot for Amberite nobles and rich gentry.

She is very active in the Civilian City Cohorts