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Welcome to the RPGnetWiki, a place to collectively design systems, backgrounds, and other roleplaying resources.

Getting Started

Here's how to start using this Wiki

  1. Create Login. Create a login by using the link at the top right. The name will be set to your Forum name (and someday we'll thus be able to make the integration tighter).
  2. Find Projects. Find a project that you're interested in. Here's a few ways to do so:
    1. The Major_Projects page will contain descriptions of all of the projects at this Wiki which span more than several pages.
    2. The Special:Categories page will list pages by category, which should allow you to look things up by game system.
    3. The search box at left will let you search on key words for projects you might be interested in.
  3. Enjoy. Once you've found a project, read, edit & contribute as you see fit. A Wiki is about not just being a passive reader, but also being a creative participant!
  4. Discuss. Also, free free to talk about this Wiki, announce your projects, request help, or whatever else over at the Wiki Forum.

What This Wiki Is For

The main purpose of this Wiki is to provide a space for various community RPG projects. This will include: people creating their own game systems; people communally creating game settings; and people creating collections of resources for their favorite games. Likely, other things will come up too.

This Wiki is explicitly not meant to replace any of the other functions of RPGnet. Thus it's not a place for general discussion, reviews, or articles or columns.

Creating a New Project

Use this Wiki by creating your own projects! They may be multipage projects or singular resources (NPCs, monsters, spells, whatever) for your favorite game system.

The trick with any collection of resources like this is to keep it organized, so when creating new projects, please following these steps:

  1. Create Your Project Home Page. The easiest way to do this is to go up to the location bar of your browser, where it currently says "" and replace Main_Page with the name of your project home page.
  2. Choose Names Well. Please be sure to choose the names for your pages well, as that's going to be one of the prime ways that people seach this Wiki. Here's two simple naming conventions we suggest:
    1. If you're creating a singleton page (usually a single resource for a game) give it the best name you can, using underscores between words. Examples: The_Adventure_of_the_Reluctant_Bride (a Pendragon adventure) and The_Altar_of_Blood (a Stormbringer Location).
    2. If you're creating a game system, a large background, a full supplement for a book or something else that will span multiple pages, use a colon separated name, with a general name for your pages, a colon, then a specific page. I suggest, as a good mnemonic, using the word Main_Page for the first page in a multiple page set. Example: YKAdventures:Main_Page (the main page of a pseudo-supplement for Stormbringer; go take a look, as I've tried to set up the pages as a good example of a project).
  3. List Categories. Be sure to list at least one category at the top of each of your pages. This looks like this: [[Category:Stormbringer Fifth]]. The category should generally match the game system for which your content is intended, or else the name of your system you're creating, or else 'Generic', 'Generic Fantasy', etc. Also try and be consistent in your use of category names; everything currently being used can be found at Special:Categories. By using categories and being consistent you'll make it easier for everyone else to find your content.
  4. Use the Major Projects Page. If this is a major project, which you expect to span 6+ pages, please feel free to list it on the Major_Projects page, which will help people find it.
  5. Be Aware of Our Creative Commons License. Because anything created on these pages is innately a community effort, we've decided to recognise that by adopting a Creative Commons license. Please be sure you're aware of how our Creative Commons license works before you contribute to this site.

A Few Hints on Page Editing

RPGnetWiki is built on MediaWiki, a simple, dynamic page editing program. It has a lot of simple formatting commands, most of which you'll see available from an editing bar when you edit a page. Please do use these. Here's a few other hints:

  1. Headers. Use headers on your pages. A level one header is marked by an equal (=) sign at the start and end (=Header=), a level two by two signs (==Smaller Header==), etc. If your page is long enough to have at least four headers, the Wiki will helpfully start including a table of contents.
  2. Links. In order for this sort of resource to be useful, pages need to be linked together. You can create links with bracketed text. Links can be either internal to this Wiki or to external pages. Here's an external link [ RPGnet Site], here's an internal link [[Main Page]].
  3. Freedom. The whole purpose of a Wiki is community design. If you see something that you want to contribute to, you should do so. (And, conversely, if you put something on this site, it should be because you welcome other contributions.)
  4. More Info. Visit the main MediaWiki Site for more info.

Feel free to click the edit tab on any page, just to see what some basic formatting looks like. (This page is actually locked, to keep all the basic info there, but you can edit most other pages in the Wiki.)