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A character for Exalted Solars 1st Ed., created by Thanatos02.

All of my characters follow the same basic rules, as noted here, though I don't expect anybody else to follow them. All of the characters are starting characters as outlined in the books. In generic books where a setting is assumed, I build a character that would fit in the setting. Where no setting is assumed, I build towards the contemporary era as the setting allows. In games that have no set point values or start character generation rules, I'll list specific guidelines built towards my assumptions of a 'beginning' or starting character.

My rules regarding fat-splats or series of games that utilize the same core mechanics is that when rules create suitably diverging types of characters, I'll construct one per setting I own. (For example, using Exalted, Dragon-Blooded and Solars are sufficiently different. In OMage, Order of Hermes and a Hollow One are not sufficiently different. In games with classes, different classes are not enough. They must essentially be different characters. Other people's opinions on what are different 'enough' really arn't my area of expertise. I build in good faith.)

In any event, should the character posted not be according to the assumed structure of the Challenge Wiki, it will be alter shortly, and was probably the result of a time crunch. Thanks! I hope you have as much fun with this as I did. ^_^


This was created mostly as a throw-away bit for my Exalted campaign to feed my players, and I needed to create a starting Dragon-blooded peep to honestly lead a bunch of goons or whatever. He's probably just some young gun in the Lookshy military that figures he's got nowhere to go but up. Clearly he's going somewhere.

Honestly, he's not an awful beginning character and he's meant to be a starting soldier, but it's pretty clear where the Dragonblooded start at compared to the Solar badasses, but that's probably because I went with Brawl rather then Martial Arts are Melee. Brawl is good for him because he can flare is watery anima to grapple and drown suckers. He's designed for a Lookshy game that involves water or transportation, so that's pretty narrow. I think I can find room for him as a good-hearted, if somewhat rowdy, captain to ferry PCs about.

Character Stats[edit]

Name:Dom Yu
Age: 20
Player: K Weston
Concept: Young Rowdy
Nature: Gallant
Aspect: Water
House: N/A
Anima: Crashing Waves
Limit Break: Valor Limit

Strength: ****
Dexterity: ***
Stamina: ***

Charisma: ****
Manipulation: **
Appearance: ***

Perception: ***
Intelligence: **
Wits: **

Endurance*: ***
Craft: **
Resistance: **

Stealth: **

Athletics*: ***** (Swimming x2)
Presence*: ***
Socialize: *

Brawl:***** (Clinches x2)
Larceny: ***
Sail: ****


Connections: *
Followers: ***
Artifact: **
Resources: **
Backing: *
Allies: *
Henchmen: **

Endurance: Ox-Body Technique
Endurance: Unsleeping Earth Meditation
Athletics: Effortlessly Rising Flame
Brawl: Drowning Embrace
Brawl: Blade Deflecting Palm
Brawl: Pounding Surf Style
Presence: Phantom Fire-Warrior Horde
Larceny: Observer Awareness Method
Sail: Hurricane-Predicting Glance


Temperance: **
Conviction: **
Valor: ****
Compassion: **

Essence: **
Will: ******
Personal Essence: 8
Peripheral Essence: 20
Health: some

Listed Equipment:

Character Description[edit]

Dom isn't an amazing combatant. He's not getting dice-adders to parry, so the first Celestial combatant he runs into will probably destroy him unless Dom can clinch, and Dom isn't really amazingly strong. I imagine this can be improved on in time, but other then that, he's a pretty good 'pirate captain'. He can lead his men pretty well, he's tireless, and he's a good sailor. Really more of an NPC, unless you happen to really need a sailing DB.


Dragonblooded get hosed. It's no wonder that they get all those great Backgrounds, because their foregrounds are awful. As an experiment, I went with some unusual primary Charm trees, and there's a reason they don't get used a lot. Brawl, without Martial Arts defenses to back it up, and without excellencies, is just asking for trouble. Dragonblooded get excellent Medicine Charms and they have access to Martial Arts Charms that are really quite good, but unless you're focusing on the strongest aspects of DB character creation, you're significantly behind the curve. Not to mention that not only are Dragonblooded weaker then Celestial Exalts (I accept that, so whatever), they're penalized with fewer Charms at character creation and they're more expensive to buy.

Now, the only thing I'd push for is to bump the Charm price and the Essence cost to what Solars pay - it's not like they're getting more for their money, or anything. Other then that, Dragonblooded have lots of cool options for what they do in different social strata. Relm DB, Immaculate DB, children, and outcastes. I built Dom as an outcaste, but from what I've been told, there are Lookshy rules, so really, just imagine Dom as a coastal DB that never got picked up by the Realm. His backgrounds represent superiors and his nascent crew. He wants to be a real captain someday. ^_^