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Identities and Aliases[edit]

Dana Reed

Origin Story[edit]

A down on her luck college student, Dana signed up as a subject to test an experimental diet drug that was intended to accelerate metabolism and enhance the capacity for muscle tissue to burn calories. Or so she was told. Pharma-Labs, the company that originally manufactured Hypertrophine was actually a front for the terrorist group HYDRA and the drug was intended to create super-soldiers. Mortality rates among the test subject was high and the actual effects turned out to be unpredictable. Dana and another subject, Amy Jenkins, both developed the ability to run at phenomenal speeds. Other subjects found themselves able to regenerate wounds, manifesting incredible strength, or displaying super-human degrees of agility. All of the test subjects developed a significant dependence on Hypertrophine.

Shortly after the death of Xavier, SHIELD raided the test facility and took several of the subjects into custody. Amy Jenkins, Robert Steiner, and Dick Murphy escaped in the confusion and their whereabouts are unknown but they are presumed dead. The other test subjects began experiencing withdrawal symptoms within hours and they may have died if SHIELD doctors had not acted quickly to administer more Hypertrophine. Nick Fury recognized the opportunity immediately and offered the test subjects two options. They could remain in custody until the doctors could neutralize the drug in their systems safely, or they could go to work for SHIELD. Dana and Stevie Mellon, a woman who had become virtually indestructible, took the chance to remain free; if only part of the time.

As far as anyone knows HYDRA has not been able to replicate Hypertrophine and the formula remains under analysis at SHIELD headquarters.


Dana grew up the middle child; somewhat ignored. Her wealthy father took care of the family. When Dana was eight, her father remarried and thus began the war of custody. Along with her two siblings, Erick and Samantha, she was bounced back and forth between her father and mother's homes.

In college Dana dated quite a bit. She wasn't extremely pretty or popular but she made-do. After a somewhat long string of would-be suitors Dana said goodbye to the temptations of the opposite sex until she met Joshua. He was a man of intellect and cunning. The two hit it off well and were a steady couple for a few years. When Dana began the testing Joshua stood by her and helped her through the transition. Since she accepted the job with SHIELD they have seen less and less of each other though due to the complexity of security.


To maintain her supply of Hypertrophine.

Associated NPCs[edit]

Joshua Fitzsimmons, Jack Frost, Nick Fury, Amy Jenkins, Lana L. Korvin, Karen S. Lane, Sasha Reed, Sebastian Reed, Stevie Mellon, Dick Murphy, Erick Reed, Robert E. Reed, Samantha Reed, Robert Steiner

Character Sheet[edit]


Type Source Permissions
Altered Human Technological One Power, Super-Equipment
Intrinsics: Dependency [Hypertrophine - Shock], No Will No Way -10


Body Coordination Sense
3d 5d 2d
Brains Command Cool
3d 2d 1d
Base Will/Willpower: 4/4 80


Skill Dice Skill Dice Skill Dice
Athletics 1d Dodge 2d Education 2d
Endurance 3d Language [Spanish] 1d Lie 1d
Performance [Acting] 1d Running 5d Sight 2d 34


Running Booster 3 [Speed], No Physics, Reflexive 111
Unconventional Move [ADRU] 5d 2hd This character's base speed is 1024mph.
Protective Costume Back-Up, Focus 30
Heavy Armor 2 [DRU]
Extra Tough 1 [DRU] Attached to Heavy Armor, Doesn't Heal