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Queen Clymnea of Thelusia, Dowager Queen of Amber

Sends her greetings

King Random Bariman, King of Amber.

On my windowsill sits a sparrow. Its colors are gray and gray, shades of gray. It has several blue feathers. It must have sat my sill before. It hops on my finger and gazes at me adoringly. I suffer its admiration with patience and remember a time when a man stared at me with such adoration. I reach out and stroke its back softly, watching one feather change blue to match the others. It flies off, circling, singing a song of joy on the wing, though i can hear a soft under tone that tells of its loss of glory.

I remember sitting in a folding chair under a canvas sheet in front of a tent my husband and I lived in while building our first house. The birds flocked to entertain me there too. I stroked their feathers and from time to time turned a few blue. The tent was something he had conjured. It was large, with 12 poles. It had a shade attached to the front that covered our kitchen stove, our larder boxes, and our two chairs. In the evening we would sit in our chairs, sing, talk, and laugh. He would smoke a pipe sometimes and I would make us tea.

I would paint landscapes on canvas stretched between trees. Rivers, forests, dancing, love making, and my husband would hang them near us to keep us in the shade when passion struck us. It often did, i was a willing lover for the man my heart sung for as the birds sung for me.

Inside our pavilion was a cacophony of pillows strewn about. On those pillows, by candle light, we conceived our first son. He was born there as well. We lived in that tent for a year. I nursed my son there while our first house was built. I made three meals a day for my husband there. I also took care of several cats as well as a number of friendly local critters.

We cut the logs from fresh stands of pine. Cut them by hand and built a two story house of smooth cut logs. The house had five rooms on the first floor and four on the second. Near the back was a large stable for a dozen horses. There was a smithy shop, a saw mill, a storage room. There was a privy house.

In that house I conceived and bore two more sons. My husband and I raised 3 sons in those primitive conditions. They were the happiest days of my life. Each of my sons built tree houses and played in the mud and rode horses like madmen. One of my sons could never stay clean. Sometimes my father –in-law and my mother-in-law came and helped out.

In time my husband and I, with our three sons, began laying out the plans for a mighty castle. We laid out long approaches and designed clever passages. We laid out long avenues and open plazas. We sunk stakes into the ground to mark lines of approach and access. We explored long caverns deep in the ground and found many secret ways. We carved with our hands the passages that lead to the low room that contained the artifact of Order. I brought fish in to swim in a small pool that hugged a corner of the room graced by the Sigil of Order. We knew not yet what to call this place. But it shown a yellow glow i once said looked like the Amber stones that rested in the deep forests.

We were happy. We were young. We were the only creatures of creation.

But time found us, and i wept.

Childe Random. You are King of Amber. I know that. My mother-in-law told me so. But you must remember this. That tent sat where the courtyard of the Castle Amber is. My husband was Oberon, in his youth. My children were Osric, who I called Sunshine, Finndo, who I called Pouter, and Benedict, who, I called Brown Ben.

The trees were from the Forest of Arden. The house was where the Theater of Malrien os Marin is on the Grand Concourse. The castle we laid plans for is the castle of Amber. In the castle we built Oberon and I sat on the thrones of Amber for a thousand years.

Now you rule there. You have the gall to ask me to leave my seclusion to come and bend my knee and give you an Article of Submission? I won’t.

The Unicorn gave you my husband’s throne because he cannot be bothered to rule there any longer. Your wife, while lovely, sits in my chair. Oberon may have married again and his harlots may have borne children, but I am his wife, till the pattern falls and death takes us all. I recognize no children but mine as legitimate, though I will not be unkind to any of them, as many of them have come to me, and been kind to me.

I recognize you as King of Amber and I render my fealty unto thee as is your due. But I who ruled Amber as Queen for a thousand years will not bend knee before any king except Oberon. Accept this as the most I can do.


Dowager Queen of Amber.

Duchess of Al a Marat of Thelusia.

Grand Abbess of the Unicorn

Jeweled Amber