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Man, showy scrounge wear, handsome face, sad eyes, stocky body, prosthetic legs

Dragi wears a mix of athletic and military winter wear and furs with a tight watch cap over his head. He usually wears mirror sunglasses outside to make him look cool, and has a perpetual squint from driving through snow glare. His legs end mid-thing and are replaced by functional, worn-looking prosthetics with small clawed feet on the end. They are insulated ceramic and titanium, painful to wear but allow him to stand outside without getting particularly cold since his body is 4 feet off the ground.

Here's the story Dragi doesn't tell anyone. Dragi was raised up in a now defunct cult that worshipped Tyr, one handed god of war and justice. Someplace up before you get to Splitsville, but off the main trade route. His legs -- he says something about an accident but truth is, they were willingly sacrificed in emulation of the god, and replaced as a sign of his high status as a Tyrsman. It's hard to explain to outsiders. He was the chauffeur to the Gothi of the cult driving the limo, but when this worthy died after one amputation too many, Dragi was expected to immolate himself and the limo as a funereal rite. Instead, he broke out of the compound, going straight through the gate behind the wheel of Jotun with the limo and the priest's corpse in a trailer behind it. Dragi knows his soul is forfeit, but he couldn't bear to see that car get torched. The Tyr cult has fallen into infighting, but he keeps the Jotun, and the high priest's artificial limbs (the body is a mere shell, but the replacements are shining and incorruptible) as leverage.

So how'd he get to where he is now? He broke away from the funeral procession in the limo that was to be both your pyres, and fled with the cult in hot pursuit. Dragi is running from the cult, on the road for several days at high speed, pursuit hot on his tail. He's exhausted. Ylva is on her way from Gösta to Forge with Sjöfn, riding in Dogs Head's snowplows. Bad weather, not quite a blizzard but not something you want to be caught outside in. They nearly hit the limo, which is half buried in a snowdrift with Dragi asleep or unconscious at the wheel. The bulk of the snowplow hides whatever's still visible of the limo, and the cult pass without stopping. When Dragi wakes, for whatever reasons, they help him drag the limo back onto the road, and set him on his way.

So, technically Ylva and Dog's Head know some of his story, and he told Miekke everything, but he's not even sure if Miekke was listening.

Cool 2, Hard 0, Hot 1, Sharp 1, Weird -1


Sawed-off 3-harm close reload messy

Elaborate overlapping mismatched winter weather gear and furs

Trade goods worth 3-barter

Prosthetic legs: +all-terrain, +responsive, -painful, -obvious.


Eye on the Door: name your escape route and roll+cool. On a 10+, you’re gone. On a 7–9, you can go or stay, but if you go it costs you: leave something behind or take something with you, the MC will tell you what. On a miss, you’re caught vulnerable, half in and half out.

My other car is a tank: you get a specialized battle vehicle

Cars: Hross the limo, a gorgeous relic of the legendary past. Dragi sacrificied his soul to keep this car intact, so he's not going to let you fucking eat in it, OK? Just don't even ask. massive 2, off-road,fast, sleek, sloppy, guzzler.+speed +armor

Jotun the assault vehicle. He keeps in a locked-down and inconspicuous garage in Loggertown. He knows Surtr would love to haul it home and reverse-engineer it, or drive around in it like an ass. The Jotun is a Finnish combat engineering minefield breaching vehicle, decorated with runes and devotions to Tyr the war god. The Jotun stats should be +1 speed +1 armor, -loud -sloppy. The look is garish and muscular, both sophisticated and barbaric. People tend to either freak out when they see it or get fascinated.

Driver Special
If you and another character have sex, roll+cool. On a 10+, it’s cool, no big deal. On a 7–9, give them +1 to their Hx with you on their sheet, but give yourself -1 to your Hx with them on yours. On a miss, you gotta go: take -1 ongoing, until you prove that it’s not like they own you or nothing.

If you need jingle during a session, tell the MC you’d like to work a gig. Your gigs:

  • Serve a wealthy NPC as driver
  • Serve a wealthy NPC as courier
  • Others, as you negotiate them.


  • Which one of you got me out of some serious shit? Ylva helped me hide and survive when I was on the run from the cult of Tyr.
  • Which one of you has been with me for days on the road? Miekke had a gig, going to different towns. I told her about giving up my legs, showed her the wonders of Freya's heart, the dead city under the icen glittering like the aurora. I think I offended her somehow...
  • Which one of you have I caught watching the horizon? Skuld. That's why we make a good team, we think alike. I think.

Non-Hx relationship: Dragi has an agreement with Loki; the Wolves don't hunt him in exchange for him giving them a cut of the business. That way they concentrate on others and keep his reputation as the guy who can get it done. Not sure if the Wolves are all in agreement with this though.

Stats Tracker[edit]

XP: x x o o o

Harm: 2 (beat up by some damn woodcutter)