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Exalted is huge. It's big enough to make me want to reach for lame Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy quotes about space while I'm writing this. There are many books, the system, while not huge in of itself, supports a vast array of powers for the Exalted to bring to bear, and the setting itself is huge, with more landmass than Earth - and that's just what's left after the Fair Folk ate half of it!

Luckily, that's not a big problem - you absolutely do not need to use all of that vastness - but it can be intimidating, especially when first coming to the game, and even for experienced Exalted players looking to change from parts of the game they're familiar with to more confusing territory (Sidereals, we're looking at you).

This guide is to help people cope and have fun - it's really not as hard as it looks, and while nobody has really mastered the entirety of the game, between the number of kickass gamers who have contributed to this guide, there's lots of great advice on every aspect of the game in this document, which should help you play Exalted in the way you want to play it with the minimum of overhead and fuss. Specifically, this is a guide for:

- Those new to the game, either eager to dive straight in to a particular type of game, or not knowing where to start
- Those considering entering new territory in the game, and looking for advice (About to run a Sidereals game after Solars, switching from Classic to Power Combat, wanting to introduce Akuma as adversaries and wondering how deadly they are)
- Those wanting to see how other gamers have gone with a specific point (Should I buy Savant & Sorcerer? What happens when my Solars get to ~200XP?)

We've done our best to organise the guide so it's helpful to everyone, though we've taken care to make it not confusing for beginners especially.

This guide is the accumulated wisdom of a great number of successful Exalted games, from those run with just the corebook, to kitchen-sink games with piles of books. Exalted can work fantastically with any of them, and we're here to help your Exalted games be an almost illegal amount of fun, no matter how much material you want to use.


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