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Brother Random,

In response to your demand for an Article of Submission I am at first appalled at your gall.

You have shown extraordinary irresponsibility over the centuries and a cavalier disregard for the proprieties that Oberon demanded. You fled into shadow to live a wastrel life of cards and debauches. Drunk parties and foolish pastimes.

Your affair with Morganthe and your abandonment of her is a scar on the friendship between Amber and Rebma. That Martin and Moire seem to have forgiven you only slightly lessens its callousness.

For centuries you were the youngest of the siblings in the court and did as you pleased. You rarely had responsibilities. The regencies you served were undistinguished.

So now you come out the victor in the game Oberon set us all to play. Rather Corwin won and declined the spoils the victor was due. And for reasons that are unclear to me the Unicorn decided to give it to you.

I failed. I am in the debt of the throne. I brought folly to Amber. I bear responsibility for the Black Road War and the deaths it caused. Millions uncounted. If i thought taking the knife would make all right between fate and myself i would take that path.

But it won't. As Oberon said, "Death is not a reprieve from Duty."

And whats more, my visions at the Oracle of Night are not yet complete.

I will give you my fealty. I see no reason to argue about it. I see no reason to strive to take the throne anymore. Too many new connections made and so many things to learn. You can manage things here as you wish.

Yet I rise awake. My cat asleep on her pillow beneath the window overlooking Cabra. I find morning and peace. Perhaps you will rule wisely.

In Fealty, if not quite submission,

Princess Fiona of Amber

Jeweled Amber