Guillermo Fitz Caine

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Guillermo Fitz Caine


Father:Prince Caine of Amber

Mother:Lady Anne Breakwithe-Smythe. A member of the House Breakwithe-Smythe


Description:6'1", A medium firm build, bright blond hair. Bright green eyes.

Hobbies:Dance, Fishing, Wood working,


  • Lord of Amber


Total: = 42 Stats+(50)35 Powers{}+20 Items +3/3 allies/Enemies +2 Trumps +1 Stuff +0 Storage

Statistics {42}[edit]

  • Psyche: 10
  • Strength:12
  • Endurance:10
  • Warfare:10

Powers {35}[edit]

  • (50) Pattern Imprint
  • 15 sorcery
  • 20 Conjuration

Skills {n/a}[edit]

  • Fishing
  • Wood Working
  • Gardening
  • Sailor-Rope Making, assorted naval skills.
  • Dance
  • Music-Piano,squeezebox.
  • Parkour-The boots and gloves would be inspired by his enjoyment of participating

Allies & Enemies {3/3 for 0}[edit]


  • 1 Ally-Jopin

2 Pips of reasonable allies


3 Pips of reasonable enemies


Items {20}[edit]

Twin blades. 10[edit]

  • 2 Double Damage
  • 2 Combat Reflexes
  • 1 Ability-Return to Hand if dropped or thrown

x2 Matched Blades Total 10

Green Gloves of Gripping. 3[edit]

  • 2 Vs Guns
  • 1 Ability-Do not drop Items

Total 3

Boots. 3[edit]

  • 2 Vs Guns
  • 1 Ability-No Slip

total 3

Fresh Hat 4[edit]

  • 2 Vs Guns
  • 1 Ability-Call to Hand
  • 1 Keep flowers fresh.


  • 1 Trump of Jopin
  • 1 Trump of



  • 1 Good Stuff


A product of the Post-Patternfall Baby Boom. Caine and Lady Anne were friendly during the year just after the reign of King Random began and Guillermo was the result. While recognized, with a tad embarrassment, on both sides of the family, he war raised in the House Breakwithe-Smythe, a noble house of Amber.

Received a good education in the university the children of Amber attend. Studied horticulture, dance, and music.

At 18, joined the Navy of Amber and spent 10 years at sea in various commands. His fighting style is active and musketeer like.

After walking the pattern he spent 3 years traveling in shadow.

Has spent a year in and around the Castle and City of Amber, for all practical purposes, enjoying himself. He is fond of revels, often leading dances or playing in the band.

A Cavalier, he has been very interested in joining the military again as a musketeer. He has traveled in shadow to places to learn gunnery.

In many ways he is an example of the new generation of the people of Amber.