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House Mikhale was established in 1311 when Oberon created Gastria Mikhale a duke. His house has been involved in most political and military issues ever sense.




Aldo Mikhale[edit]

Aldo Mikhale.jpg

Master of Arms, Amber College of Heralds.

Master Aldo has held the office for over 600 years. During Oberon's reign he was little concerned by the operation of the College, leaving them to manage details far below the his interest. Aldo has gained a reputation of being picky, officious, and corrupt.

Milios Mikhale[edit]


Kingdom of Amber’s Chief Scribe. A master of calligraphy and illumination.

Ronan Mikhale[edit]


The Mikhle family is part of house Venway Ronan is a Priest of the Unicorn in Amber. He is a leader of the Militant wing of the church and has lead church troops in Battle. A veteran of the Amber Elite Guards and a veteran of Patternfall, he came to his devotions after the war. A bit of a fanatic.

Ivor Venway[edit]


Chief Priest of the Unicorn in Amber. House Venway

Casina Venway[edit]

Casina Venway.jpg

Abbess of the Conclave of the Unicorn-Far Isle.

Related to Ivor Venway and Mikhael through a mutual great grandfather, she is not in the line of inheritance by Amber law however neither Ivor or Mikheal have children.

She served in various churches of the Unicorn throughout shadow. She was nearly slain by Deele the Desecratix. After this incident she took the role of Abbess of the Far Isle which is essentially the place of retirement for members of the clergy.