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Tu Weilan[edit]

Jianghu Rank: 1

Refresh: 2

Current FP: 2

Picture Aspects Skills
Wei4.pngWei3.jpg High Concept: Martial Merchant

Trouble: Consumed by Legacy

Phase One: Blood of Butchers

Phase Two: The Way of Bamboo

Phase Three: Can't Stand Bullies

Great (+4) Rapport

Good (+3) Athletics, Contacts

Fair (+2) Resources, Chi, Empathy

Average (+1) Notice, Fight, Will, Lore

The jacket is tan with dark green trim and embroidery. The pants are also dark green. His hair is pulled back in a bun and held in place with a wangjin/headband.

As a traveling Xia, he is often seen with a pack slung cross-body over one shoulder and a bamboo bo staff in his hand. If the mood strikes him, he will stow the staff, and play his hulusi while he travels.


Physical O O

Mental O O O


Mild [2]: _________________________

Moderate [4]: _____________________

Severe [6]: _______________________

Kung Fu:[edit]

Bamboo Crane

Bamboo Crane (Forest Crane) stylists merge situational awareness, circular movements, and defensive posture to create a reactive style that uses the environment and an opponent’s own aggression against them.

Their surroundings are not obstacles, but opportunities. Misdirection, redirection, and seizing the advantages of the battlefield are hallmarks of this style.

Practitioners of the Bamboo Crane style are among some of the most graceful, balanced, and inventive fighters around.

Crane Hides in Reeds
Add an additional +2 bonus when using Full Defense to defend yourself in combat. If used to defend others, gain 2 Armor Rating instead.

Forest Opens Its Paths
If you use Athletics to overcome an obstacle with style, you may turn the obstacle into an advantage with a free invocation instead of taking a boost.

Leaves Like Razors
When invoking a situation aspect or environment-based advantage in a Fight attack, you add +2 Weapon Rating to that attack.

Crane Sleeps Standing
+2 bonus when Overcoming physical obstacles based on physical obstruction or poor footing


Tu Lan is not great in a stand-up fight, but he is an expert at using the situation and surroundings to his advantage. +2 to Fight when invoking an environmental or situational aspect.

The Word is Mightier…
Tu Lan is a skilled negotiator, but he can also use his words to incite action in others. When he has the opportunity to speak, he may use Rapport in place of Provoke for Overcome actions.


Background: Blood of Butchers
This is three-fold.
First Tu Weilan’s family on his father’s side are traditional butchers and both of his parents worked as butchers before their standing started to rise. May of the upper classes still look down on him as peasants because of this.
Second, his brother, Tu Huang has joined a group of rebels/insurgents trying to overthrow the current Emperor and has earned the nickname ‘the Ravager’ because of his brutality. Many officials or victims of his brother or the insurgents may hold this against Bamboo Wei and the Tu family.
Finally, Bamboo Wei's mother is the daughter of the former Emperor, Xuan Diang. Emperor Xuan was a murderous tyrant and was deposed by the current Dynasty 30+ years ago. Those who know this secret may move against Bamboo Wei... or try to use him in their schemes. Invoke:

Trouble: Consumed by Legacy
From a young age, Weilan was driven to raise the standing of the Tu family and make it great enough to atone for the sins of Emperor Xuan Diang. His older brother Weifeng was the opposite. He felt that it was his birthright to rule the Empire, so he even adopted the generational name Hu (which would have been his name if the Xuan Dynasty hadn't fallen) and the last Emperor's given name. He now goes by the name Huang.
As Wei grew, so did his determination to rebuild his family's legacy. While this has helped him improve his family's position, it also drives him to make more self-serving decisions.

Rising Conflict: They Way of Bamboo
Knowing that his maternal grandfather, Emperor Xuan Diang, was a murderous tyrant, Tu Weilan grew up avoiding violence. He excelled at the Hulusi from a young age, and learned how to talk to people from all walks of life. The butcher shop was failing so his parents started using the space as a warehouse and dabbling in trading. Wei's way with words helped him negotiate deals from the storefront or market stall, and the business started thriving more than it should have. After his sister married a local bamboo farmer, Weilan began traveling with the caravans bringing bamboo to the city. He managed to talk his way out of numerous fights, but he quickly learned that some people only listen to violence.

Call to Adventure. Can't Stand Bullies
After being attacked multiple times and losing several carts of bamboo, Weilan began questioning his way of life. WHere the only two choices to be a victim or a tyrant? An Old Hermit that lived in the forest near the Bamboo farm saw Weilan near the river one day, struggling with his place in the world. The hermit began to teach Weilan the Bamboo Crane style. Just because one does not seek violence does not mean one must fall victim to it.
Although there were more defeats along the way, Weilan learned kung fu eagerly, and studies with his aging master whenever he returns to the farm.

High Concept: Martial Merchant
Both Xia and Shang. Warrior and Trader. As his kung-fu grew, bandits no longer attacked his caravan. Weilan now began to leave the wagons to the drivers and roam the countryside on his own. This allowed him to find new deals or trading partners, but also to prevent violent raiders or brutal government officials from bullying the people of the land.
Armed with his trusty bamboo bo staff, this is how he earned the nickname, Bamboo Wei. Invoke:

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