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Combat Reflexes Modifications[edit]

(Mortaneus' Replacement for 3e)

Combat Reflexes (3 points)

This advantage grants +5 to the total on all initiative rolls.


Just noting my opinion that I'm sick of hearing about Combat reflexes. ;) --Daermon 15:15, 15 Jul 2005 (PDT)

Thus my reason for the change. It's simple, easily understood, makes the advantage still worth the points, and doesn't screw Kakita. --Mortaneus

Sorry, my reply came off more hostile than I intended. I apologize for that. And, to be honest, this looks like one of the few reasonable changes I've yet to see. However, how could it grant a Free Raise when Initiative doesn't have a TN? --Daermon 19:18, 15 Jul 2005 (PDT)

It's fine.  :) A free raise on a roll simply grants a +5 to the total, in the absence of anything else, like a TN. --Mortaneus

Why not simply say +5 or +10 to TN then? --Daermon 23:13, 15 Jul 2005 (PDT)

Consistency? Hmm....true. Changed. --Mortaneus

Erm... we have Quick (cost +3) that grants +1k1 to Initiative rolls; then we have this CR (cost +3) that grants +5 to Initiative rolls. ¿Redundancy, anyone? I'd either rule it as some kind of upgrade for Quick, something like this:

Combat Reflexes (6 points)
This Advantage grants a +1k1 to Initiative rolls. Also, on Tides of Battle you get a +1k0 to your rolls.
Combat Reflexes overrides Quick, and its cost is reduced to 3 points when replacing that Advantage.

¿Do you think it sounds reasonable? --Ookami, the White Wolf