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Ambiguous, showy biker wear, strong face, scorched eyes, wiry body


Cool Hard Hot Sharp Weird
Starting +1 +2 +1 =0 -1
Current +1 +3 +1 =0 =0


Chopper Moves[edit]

Pack Alpha[edit]

When Loki tries to impose his will on his gang, he rolls+hard. On a 10+, all 3. On a 7–9, choose 1:

  • They do what he wants (otherwise, they refuse)
  • They don’t fight back over it (otherwise, they do fight back)
  • He doesn’t have to make an example of one of them (otherwise, he must)

On a miss, someone in his gang makes a bid, idle or serious, to replace him for alpha.

Fucking Thieves[edit]

When Loki has his gang search their pockets and saddlebags for something, roll+hard. It has to be something small enough to fit. On a 10+, one of them happens to have just the thing, or close enough. On a 7–9, one of them happens to have something pretty close, unless what he's looking for is hi-tech, in which case no dice. On a miss, one of them used to have just the thing, but it turns out that some asswipe stole it from the gang.


If you and another character have sex, they immediately change their sheet to say Hx+3 with you. They also choose whether to give you -1 or +1 to your Hx with them, on your sheet.

Other Moves[edit]


In combat, Loki counts as a small gang, with armor and harm as per his equipment.

Loki's Stuff[edit]

  • Sawed off
  • Machete
  • Biking gear incorporating armour (2-armour)

Loki's Snowmobile[edit]

rugged, aggressive; howling, flashy; bucking

Fiber glass wolves head on it, as is the fashion of the gang

Loki's Gang[edit]

The Wolves of the Blizzard Beyond Time (2-harm gang small savage mobile rich obligation 1-armor)

  • Nomadic at heart (they crave the wind of the wastes)
  • Self-sufficient (people need protection on the byways out there, and they'll pay for it)
  • In debt to Surtr (because he has a hall and reach)

Named NPCs of Note in Gang[edit]

Hel and Fenrir are Loki's seconds

Völva rides with the wolves and is carrying Loki's child


Skuld +3 She stood up to my gang and I. It didn't get too ugly.

Ylva +2 She thinks she could take me in a fight if it came down to it

Miekke +1 She road with his gang for a while

Dragi =0 A professional acquaintance



  • Attempting to seduce Dog's Head (mixed success)
  • Going aggro on Dog's Head when she wouldn't cough up what he wanted
  • Seize by Force when jumped
  • Fucking Thieves for some dynamite or something
  • Seizing Flosi by Force

  • Pack Alpha to get the gang into shape for more disciplined raiding program
  • Ate a magic reindeer heart and opened brain to Maelstrom (not a success)
  • Attacking a dream monster
  • Open Mind to Maelstrom for some advice on giving out the meat (not a success; at all)
  • Again with the Open Mind to Maelstrom, this time to figure out where to go for better healing (ha ha, nope)


  • Move from another playbook (NOT TO BE FUCKED WITH)
  • +1hard (max +3)



  • Life became untenable, came back with +1 weird (=0 total)