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Maturine de Bonnevault[edit]


A powerful member of the Enclave -- a group of reclusive Nightsiders. DeBonnevault became the foremost leader in the Lyon Community that formed after the transfiguration of Hannelore Rhyner into Medea. Rumor linked his name romantically with Medea's off and on for several years.

Family Information[edit]

The De Bonnevault family entered the Enclave in the early 1600s after charges of black magic and sorcery were leveled against them in Poitou, France. Discovered to be of the People (i.e. NightFolk or Fae) by the Catholic Church - the family's first recourse was to flee to the Enclave for safety. Remaining there, they quickly became an important power within the Enclave itself. During the escape from Poitou, Berthomee De Bonnevault was caught and executed by the Church, ending the line of direct descent for the family. Her brother Josephe-Francois, his family and Berthomee's male heir Marius reached the Enclave and safety.

Maturin De Bonnevault is the descendant of Marius' child Avicenna. His sister Alicia is descended through Josephe-Francois and therefore cannot carry the direct line of inheritance. While in the Enclave, Maturin had no recognized family himself, and was under pressure from other conservative Council members to secure the family line through a female heir. He had a mistress who he kept in style, and another woman whom was known to be an occasional Companion.

Political History[edit]

Maturin was the family spokesperson in the Enclave Council for the De Bonnevault family. His sister, Alicia has little inclination or interest in the politics of the Enclave, preferring the administer the estates and lands of the family. Maturin was generally considered to be a moderate - though an unpredictable one. His votes were often employed to annoy other Council members, as much to represent his ideology. He was known as capricious, fickle, and often vicious in the way he used words to support or undermine an issue. His sharp intellect was masked in a facade of almost languid indifference. Participating in a heated argument takes far too much energy, and he often pointed this out to others who were engaged in an emotional debate.

Maturin regarded the entire process of the Council, their decisions, and the other members as an amusement for his benefit. He had a contempt for inflated egos, self-importance, meaningless traditions - and any other affectations that set one man above the other. It is these members of the Council that he reserved his sharpest barbs for. Council meetings were opportunities to poke holes through ideas and people who offended him. Maturin often took no real interest in the issue at hand - merely using them as further ammunition for verbal sparring. Regardless of whether he agreed with the debate or not, either side was considered an equal target. During his time in the Enclave, no one had ever been able to get beneath the surface and engage his true emotions on an issue. He had much more respect for someone who takes a stand and defends it - than he had for those who are led by stronger voices into a decision.

Maturin went especially out of his way to cross verbal swords with the old, ultra-conservative families of the Enclave - Arabella Mahoud, Erenaus Philaethes, or Rosalynda Glanyil. Lorenzo Farbeq (Liberal) and Roderick Usher (Moderate) were often targets - much more for the enjoyment of the challenge rather from personal animosity. Those who constantly fence sit - the Jelaleddin family for instance - received little attention from him as a mark of his contempt for their refusal to take a stand.