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Primal creatures-Jeweled Amber

Primal Beasts-Primal Creatures

Shadow is vast but even it is a hierarchy of realms that spans from the Courts of Chaos to Amber. At the pinnacle of the creations of the animal races rises one individual that harnesses great power. The Unicorn of Amber and the Serpent of Chaos are Primal Beasts but there are others. These creatures are called Primal Beasts or Primal Creatures. The incarnation of intelligence can travel from beast to beast should one be slain. The creature gains great intelligence, durability, the ability to travel shadow and chaos, and much more. Some beasts, such as the Unicorn of Amber, have become patrons to Primal Realms and have upped their power accordingly

In the Jeweled Amber campaign several Primal Beasts played important roles.


The Patron of Amber


The Serpent is the Patron of Chaos


Patron of Corwin's realm of Avalon.


Ygg is the primal beast of Adrian's Mandalay. He is credited in magical circles as a Primal Creature but his status may be a matter of his individuality rather then inherent iconic status. Some argue, out of Ygg's hearing that he is just wood. Others think Ygg is the pinnicle f the line that includes sentient trees like willows, hurons, and ents.


Tiger, also called Rashtar, has traveled with Borlak for many years. He is often there for battle and among the warriors of the Flowing Horde.

Tiger has had an iconic role as the Patron of Regor in the past. The Church of Regor, the Tserkov' Tigra, i the main religion in Regor and its patriarchy maintains the administrative control despite the absence of their Iconic Primal Beast. Factions and schisms within the Tserkov' Tigra are rampant and nearly without number. These factions are often the cause of bloody wars and family squabbles among the royals and the general populace.

While Tiger himself is silent on the matter, Khan Borlak has relayed Tiger's insistance that it no longer serve Regor. The matter is another object of confusion between Tiger, Borlak, the Empire of Regor and its various royal dynasties, and the Tserkov' Tigra.


Morgenstern is the Primal Horse and travels with Julian.


Keeps company with Arloxedra in the Library of Amber. He is a friend of the castle cats and is often seen around Flora in the Sea View Gardens, always on his best behavior. There are no rats or mice in the Castle Amber because of Cat and his companions.

Scenty the Butterfly[edit]

A large monarch, enjoys following Doria around, taking pleasure in spoiling her Goddess of Death image.




The Primal Chicken is not called Chicken. Its name is Chanticleer


Follows Sos the Rope.


The Primal Squirrel is the Patron Beast of Bursain. It was recently slain and reborn bearing the Rock Guard-the Red Sword of Bursain


Follows Carissa of Amber


Follows Jurt Sawall. Named Treziz


Disa. Mother of Fleece


Associated in some way with the Primal Realm of Adagalasck