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Its a Nasty Place. Its the world of Rasak

While not the only training course available to soldiers of Amber attendance at Rasak is nearly required for advancement to high rank. Many soldiers seconded to Amber by Golden Circle Kingdoms know their soldiers will return with the kind of training and experience only service in the military of Amber can provide. Approximately 0.5% of the soldiers of Amber attend the BPMC, on the world of Rasak, known as The Nasty Place. Its the world of Rasak

Oberon's Discovery[edit]

Millenia ago, in the years of Amber, King Oberon and his 3 sons Osric, Finndo, and Benedict sought places of vast diversity in physical laws. Calrabon had big animals. Twilnec had Huge oceans. Dwindle had strange magical effects. Rasak had a great time relation to Amber and had strange natural conditions.

Rasak Origin[edit]

The native race, a multicolored humanoid race, had long dealt with a terrible natural condition. They were the recipiants of groups of warriors from across shadow that knew instinctively that the only way to return to their homes was to reach the western edge of the continent and that involved slaying the natives in their way. The natural laws that caused healing and food intake differant then most places in shadow meant the natives were constantly being slaughtered only to resurrect again someplace far from the site of their death, far from kin and clan.

The arrival of Oberon, having sought such a set of conditions in shadow, was a blessing to them. Since then they have tended and prepared for the incoming troops on the western edge.

On the World Rasak Oberon established a training facility for his military forces in the new kingdom in Amber. In time Benedict completely overhauled the program to provide a more rounded course of training. The BPMC training is similar to Yorkian Total Warrior training in its extensive and diverse opportunities.

  • Food and Water Intake: The lush and vibrant planet causes vegetable matter to evaporate at such a rate, and be absorbed at such a rate, that animals, including people, need not take in sustenance. A person on this planet need not eat or drink. Sufficient amounts of water and food are naturally taken in and released that a person need not worry about starving, dehydrating, of waste elimination.
  • Natural Healing: Anyone on the world heals at a vastly increased rate. Nearly 10 times the speed of normal healing. This means people hurt in this world recover incredibly fast. It even stops death for injuries that occur on this world. A wounded person brought to this word will heal rapidly but a dead person brought here will not. Wounds taken here and healed here leave no residue. Injured persons brought here and healed here have characteristic purple/orange coloration over wounded places.
  • Dreams:People who sleep here have dreams of the most traumatic instances in the lives of people in a million nearby shadow veils.
  • Time Ratio:The time ratio on Rasak is 200 to 1 in Amber. A week in Amber is 1400 days in Rasak; 3 years, 10 months and 5 days.

Benedict personal Military Course[edit]

With a time relation of 200 to 1, Benedict has broken his training regime into 4 parts.

  • Physical Training under the Ring of Compulsion: 3 years, 10 months
    • Physical training under the ring of Compulsion involves 24/7 physical activities to bring a body to a standard level of perfection. Running, jumping, swimming, hurdles, free-running. The amount of damage the body experiences due to over exertion is compensated by the healing powers of the world and the food and water intake of the world.
    • Celebration of Endurance: 2 Months: Campfires, BBQ, Fitness Games.Teaching of Amber history through war-stories and personal experiences of course graduates. Explanation and lessons in the Amber Battle Hand Sign system.
  • Rhythmic training Under the Ring of Compulsion:3 years, 10 months
    • Rhythmic training include 24/7 involvement in Weapon Katas, Tai Chi, Karate and similar forms, Dance, Sports activities;Football, Homegame, etc.
    • Celebration of the Body: 2 months Horsemanship. Gymnastics. Campfires. More lessons.
  • Tactical and Strategic Training, partially under the Ring of Compulsion: 3 years
    • Melee and warfare class room study and field drills. Metalworking. leather working. Horsemanship and cavalry drills. Artillery Drills. Medical Training.
    • Celebration of Knowledge: 2 months
  • Practicum: 1 Year
    • World of Adledross: 10 months. Live Combat world of constant warfare, Camp life.
    • Celebration of Survival: Debrief, creation of the knives, and Graduation: 2 months


The card game Tonk is ubiquitous in the Amber military. IT is played in guard posts, ward rooms, ships at sea, rangers in the fields, guards in the castle. Students leard the game very well.

  • Rules of Tonk are found here:[[1]]


The world of Adledross is a shadow of conflict deep in the chaos side of Ygg. It is a realm 1000 miles across and 2000 miles top to bottom. To the east is a heavily wooded region with low mountains and rivers. To the west are deserts, rocky and dry craggy regions with several massive rivers. Available to both sides are plentiful food stuffs and water sources. Vast woody plants are available for fires. Several large volcanoes exist. Quicksand fens.

Involved in the state of warfare are races of human, Elf, Dwarves, Fae, wyverns, griffins, hobbit, giants, gnomes, tharks, orcs, dwarves, klingons, romulans, dragons, drow and dark elves, giants, minotaur, Fae, and wide variety of races. Groups plucked from battlefields across shadow arrive in the realm by some function of shadow, in groups as small as 10 and as large as 50,000. Some are groups of mixed races with the appearance of being adventuring parties.

Also summoned from across shadow are fierce beasts and monsters from across shadow.

There is a driving force to the arrivals to seek a place on the far side from which they arrived. If they reach the far side and one of their members enters the cleared zone, the entire group that arrived is returned to their worlds of origin, including the dead who are returned to life.

Certain natural forces effect all creatures.

  • A moderately strong regenerative force occurs normally and is sped up by the consumption of food and drink.
  • Weather can fairly be called exciting. Rain storms, hail, tornadoes, sandstorms, blistering heat, frigid cold, blizzard.
  • If a unit is completed eradicated it appears again on the other side and must reach the other side Free Zone.

This realm was discovered by Finndo during the development of the Rasak Facility. He stated that he believed that the realm may have been a Construct or Way of Chaos that was swept into Shadow by the Creation of the pattern of Amber. It may also be powered by shards of Paragon or Calmir. Or some power source of great but undetectable powers.

Adledross Allied Realms[edit]

Adledross is used by many differant realms for the puculiarities of the realm as a training base. The natives of Adledross developed the game system to fit their defensive needs.


The Kaznari are a kzin race with ferocious fighting abilities. Typically fighting in 10 man hunting packs of mixed sexes. They are arrogant, strong, quick and have Amber endurance. They can manage great hardships and survive on minuscule amounts of water and food. Their weaponry is often claws and teeth since kills taken that way are seen as more honorable. However their tech level is late 1890s with a preponderance of clockwork technology. Most warriors are armed with various nail guns and long blades.

The Empire of the Reskara[edit]

A Human/Drawvern/Orcish empire. The empire is a vast collection of allied city states that fight an eternal battle with Asoka legions. The Reskara are mostly human with a large contingent of Dwarves. The primary race of the Asoka is Orcish with elements of goblin and humans. While there is a general racial divide between the Reskara and the Asoka both empires have large representative bodies of the other planetary races. Interbreeding is common. the Reskara Commanding General is Kana Larot hui Kosala, a Human.

Anzara Reen[edit]

The Dragonlords of the Anzara Reen are masters of the air as well as warriors on the ground. They fly medium to smallish warrior dragons and are mentally bonded.

Treba learna Cursis[edit]

The Treba Cursis is an empire of horseman in a all human world. Their main enemies are a human horseman/Infantry/Artillery empire.

'Empire of Tosa[edit]

A variety of nations, all part of a single empire, provide forces for the challenge of Adledross. Forces from the multiversal mercenary guild CHAD participate with the Empire of Tosa. The Tosians are the most recent group to be given permission to face the challenge of Adledross. It is led by the great Alexandir Kos Korag.

BPMC Artifacts[edit]

Ring of Compulsion[edit]

(99 Pips-Oberon)

  • Amber Vitality 4 (Trans 5)
  • Double Speed 2 (Trans 5)
  • Endless Stamina 4 (Trans 5)
  • Regeneration 4
  • Rack Spell 1: Unremovable
  • Rack Spell 1: Willing Compulsion
  • Rack Spell 1: Locatable
  • Rack Spell 1: Enthusiasm
  • Horde *3

Nasty Place Graduate Blade[edit]

(20 pips-Benedict)

Those who completed the training were given a blade they made there during their training and permission to wear the blade on all military attire. The blade is forged mithril with a blade 5" long and a handle 4" long. Ceremonial and honorary in intent, the blades have their own history as deadly weapons.


  • Deadly Damage 4
  • Rack Spell-1 Return to Hand/Return to Forge on death
  • Shadow Wide *4

The blades are also known to be easily added to and develop abilities from time to time on their own as they become suited to their maker. (IN gmae terms this means they are ready for points to be added to give them morea bilities and improvements.)

Death Wheeler[edit]

(40 pips Osric)


  • Vitality 4 (superior materials and durability)
  • Movement 2 (spinning Rings)
  • Deadly Damage 4
  • Shadowwide *4

Graduate Cord[edit]


No magical powers. A symbolic uniform cord worn by graduates in all situations

Frequent Guest Lecturers[edit]

  • Sir Gangdis of Casowill
  • Prince Gerard of Amber
  • Prince Julian of Amber, King of Adagalasck.
  • Duke Fortunadus Enright

Royals known to have attended[edit]

Osric, Finndo., Benedict. , Eric. , Corwin. , Deirdre., Hamilton , Caine., Julian. , Gerard., Delwin., Llewella, Bleys, Florimel,,Dalt , Random., Phillipe,Evelar,Evankala, Banidoc, Truman, Geryon,Duncan., Galvar., Nicholas.,Vander,Elayne., Vance, Martin. , Arloxedra, Doria, Desri,Visaly, Macsen',Agrom, Vek, Shaz Far, Relmapator

Abilities gained[edit]

  • 5 Pips Warfare-Graduates reach at Least Amber Rank in Warfare
  • 3 Pip Endurance-graduates gain at least Chaos Rank in Endurance with 5 pip toward Amber rank.
  • 2 Pip Strength-Graduates gain at least Amber Strength
  • 1 Pip Skill-Military Technology
  • 1 Pip Skill-Military Command and Communications.
  • 1 Pip Skill-Military Horsemanship
  • 1 Pip Skill-Gymnastics
  • 1 Pip Skill-Medical Training
  • 1 Pip Skill-Cooking. Butchering. General gardening. Preparation. Cast Iron. Open Fire.