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Catala and the Sage of Catala


This realm is a bastion of Order in the midst of Chaos.

It is the largest and most publicly known of the Shard of Paragon[[1]] with a total of 23% of the original inscription.

It is a little over 400 square miles large and is slightly oval shaped. A river flows around the edges of the landmass flowing out into the Stuff of Chaos. The rim is surrounded by several hundred yards of densely packed forests. The center area is a well-manicured garden maze of hedges and flowering plants. Hundreds of small sitting areas are found in the maze, each unique with fountains, statues, central trees, bowers, pocket gardens and topiary displays. Small groupings of exquisitely manicured hamlets can be found were servants of the mater reside in peace and plenty. many house workers for the many fruit trees and vegetable gardens spread across the land.

In the largest open place is a watery area with a single dwelling that has outcroppings over the pools and streams that surround the estate. This building is a sprawling mansion of exquisite design that Frank Lloyd Right would think he must have designed.

The general architectural style of Catala is a mixture of ancient Minoan design with Frank Lloyd Wright influences.


As a point of Order in Chaos this realm maintains its own interior environment and has withstood attack for so long that forces of Chaos gave up continuing to destroy this remaining piece of the once great Primal Realm of Paragon. eventually many of the ancient Lords of Chaos decided this realm was no longer a threat and treat it politically as if it is a Way of Chaos

It has its main landmass as well as thousands of interconnected shadows. transportation between them is done by waterways.

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The Sage of Catala[edit]

The Sage of Catala lives in this manse and his servants tend to the garden as well as his needs. This Lord of Chaos holds one of the best known Shards of Paragon. It retains somewhere between a 10th and a 15th of the original Sigil.

He fancies himself removed from the battles of Law and Order. He does not mind visitors and he is a cordial host but it is not easy to get to him.

Since the realm floats deep in the seas of Chaos it has been the choice of the High Lords of Chaos to leave the Sage alone in his bastion. Then again he is the repository of a mighty realm's knowledge and power. They might feel it safer to leave him alone.

The Sage answers to many names but his true ancient identity is unknown. It is known that he bears the imprint of the Inscriptions of the Logrus, Paragon, Calmir, and Abbysal Imprints.