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Woman, luxe wear (that really nice fur coat), sharp face, merciless eyes, slim body

Cool+3 Hard-2 Hot+1 Sharp+2 Weird+1

Visions of Death: If you go into battle, roll +Weird.

  • On 10+, name one person who will die and one who will live. Do not name Pc:s.
  • On 7-9, either/or
  • On a miss, you foresee your own death. Take -1 ongoing throughout the battle.

Ice Cold

  • When you Go Aggro on an NPC, roll +Cool instead of +Hard.
  • When you Go Aggro on a PC, roll +Hx instead of +Hard.

Dangerous and Sexy When you enter into a charged situation, roll +Hot.

  • On 10+, hold 2. On 7-9, hold 1.
  • Spend your hold 1 for 1 to make eye contact with an NPC present, who freezes or flinches and can´ttake an action until you break it off.
  • On a miss, enemies identify you immeditely as the foremost threat.

Perfect Instincts When you´ve read a charged situation and you´re acting on the MC:s answers, take +2 instead of +1.


  • Rifle (2-harm ap, far, reload - options: silenced, AP) Sleek, silenced sniper rifle
  • Always another fucking knife (2-harm, infinite - option: handle, blade, infinite): Every type you can imagine.
  • Oddments worth 2-Barter (1 spent on lifestyle for chapter 1, 1 for chapter 2)
  • Fashion worth 1-armor

Harm 12:00 X

03:00 X

06:00 X

09:00 X

10:00 Ψ



XP: x x x o o

  • Got Perfect Instincts
  • +1 to Sharp

Backstory She was killed, or thought that she was killed, and then came back another person. Now some of that stuff of Hel is stuck on her, and sometimes she can see the signs - the carrion birds, the blood, the fire. She knows when your time is up. Better make it a good one.

Does she know who killed her? It´s clouded, like so many things. It belonged to the other woman, to the one with the name she can´t quite remember. Not to Skuld.

She remembers the shape - slender, wrapped in something not unlike leather. She remembers the shape of a gun, the yawning of the barrel. She remembers its´ roar, and the pain as its´ spit tore up her chest. She remembers a long fall, crashing through a canopy of branches and finally hanging from them, her blood staining the frozen ground below. She remembers the call of the crows as the snow began to fall.

Does she know it was for love? Ah yes, love. The eyes of the assassin said it all - there were no tears in those eyes, but the pain was etched into them none the less. Maybe they both died there? Doesn´t matter much now. The girl died and went to Hel. Skuld returned.

And what's she doing about it? She´ll recognize those eyes anywhere, but she hasn´t found the right person yet. Part of her wants to know, so she is always looking - always making sure to catch the eye of anyone knew, making sure. This makes people nervous - especially the ones who have heard that she can spot the mark of death on you. This, too, matters little in the end.

Who found her? Did they help? The woodsmen found her, yeah. It was Mother Superior´s crew - mostly gone or split up now. Hell knows what they made of it; one of them mentioned later, when he was drunk that the half-dead woman whispered something to Superior. Whatever it was, it was enough for them to get her down and take her to the hold with all the fucking haste they could muster. Nothing scares that wiry old woman, and she was scared.