Sagalina's Downside

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Sagalina's Downside

A shadow known for producing stone fruits like apricots, apples, peaches, and pears. They produce great amounts of honey and export it throughout the Golden Circle shadows They produce vast amounts of produced juices as well as wines, cysers, and meads. Mushrooms, berries, and other foods are plentiful.


Sagalina consists of one main landmass with 44 million square meters with small surrounding islands. The whole continent slopes downwards from a 7,000 meter cliff edge to beaches at sea level. The upper regions are frequently snow covered and wooded. At about 5,000 meters forests and vegetation begins with abundance


Sagalina was a city on the beach of the Great Slope when found by Prince Corwin of Amber. Like many realms, this coincided with the creation of shadow paths for sea travel and merchants. The city was a plentiful trade post due to downhill rivers and gentle uphill roads.

Many of the early realms connected to Amber were found with the intention that they be plentiful in food stuffs for the growing kingdom

In time the city grew to control the whole of the continent and developed a productive realm that became one of the first 20 Golden Circle Kingdoms.