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Relict of an age long gone[edit]

What does "Private" mean?[edit]

Not much space here; we have to fit in[edit]

Native to Zero-G[edit]


  • +4 Pilot
  • +3 Rapport
  • +3 Will
  • +2 Stealth
  • +2 Athletics
  • +2 Notice
  • +1 Combat
  • +1 Investigate
  • +1 Decieve
  • +1 Provoke


Nimble toes[edit]

Astra is capable of manipulating objects with some precision - including typing and even holding utensils - with her feet

Indicator 31F is off[edit]

Astra gets +2 to Notice small changes in well-familiar patterns




  • [1]X
  • [2]


  • [1]
  • [2]
  • [3]
  • [4]


  • [-2] Mild
  • [-4] Moderate
  • [-6] Severe


Heaven's Ark[edit]

22nd century wasn't exactly nice time, with pollution and overpopulation rising higher than ever, not to mention mineral resources of the Earth being almost depleted - and while asteroid mining helped mitigate the last issue, it coudn't do anything with the first ones. By the late 22nd, many people thought it would take a miracle for humanity to survive.

And miracle came, of course, in the form of developing FTL travel; but for some, that miracle came too late. Mere decades before Einstein and Lorenz finally surrendered, a misterious man appeared in the Belt. Somehow combining traits of both charismatic leader and mad prophet, he gathered a rather large number of followers and, one day, believeing that the Earth is doomed, his people boarded a fleet of seven ore carriers refitted to support a thousand people each and a couple dozen auxillary craft and set course away from the Sol into a system that was considered promising in terms of habitable planets.

Unfortunately, The First Helmsman's predictions proved wrong; after almost thirty years of flight, the small flotilla discovered a system devoid of planets which could support life of any kind. Helmsman himself died five years before that, and no one can say whether that was a honest mistake on his part... or some kind of plan.

By that moment, however, there was already an etire generation onboard Heaven's Ark - that was a collective name for the ships of the flotilla - which never knew anything but the dry, conditioned air of the cabins and weightlessness of the ship in cruise flight. And they decided that the journey doesn't have to end here...


For almost three centuries had Heaven's Ark wandered through space, guided by the Council of Helmsmen, one from each of the seven main ships - Sirius, Canopus, Toliman, Arturus, Vega, Capella and Rigel(though the origins of those names were, by that time, mostly forgotten)

Discovered by accident by a recon ship exploring the region of the galaxy relatively close to Earth tht remained uncharted due to being considered unfit for colonization, Heaven's Ark... remains rather isolated, in fact. For great majority of it's population - by this time almost ten times what it was at launch - it turned out easier to deny the thought that everything they and their ancestors were for for the last three centuries was rendered worthless.


But, of course, all things change. Twelve more years passed since rediscovery, and another new generation had grew up aboard the Ark. And maybe, hopefully, this generation would be able to reintegrate with the Galactic society... at least those who arranged Astra, Helmsman Apprentice of Capella, attending the Federated Free Colleges of Cambridge Prime, count on it. She isn't going to let them down.