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Delancy Darby

Delancy Rose Darby[edit]

played by Sophia Caramagno

Secretary in the Capitol secretarial pool, recruited to the Junior J Men due to her organizational and research skills.

Killed by a teleporting hound during the New York Incursion on 19 October 1932.





Darby's Case Notes: Encrypted[edit]

September 1, Team Meeting, Justice Department, Rm. 342

In attendance: Mr. Fuller, Mr. Smithson, Mr. Johnson, Mr. Von Schaefer, Marshal Monroe, Captain Stevens, Ms. Darby

All Sworn in.


Apparently, the rise of the Nazi party in Germany is really not nearly as important as I may have been led to believe by my colleagues in the diplomatic corps. Its hard to take one mad dictator seriously when the entire world is in peril from alien creatures beyond the reaches of space and time. Earth, that bright gumdrop of planet, last in the proverbial candy dish of the this corner of the cosmos, seems too tasty a treat to resist and it is up to us, our small team specifically, and humans and their allies in general to smack the naughty tentacled appendage connected to the sweet tooth bent on devouring us.

In our corner, the Earth Soul, a force fed perhaps by a billion creatures striving ever in their daily lives to live, love, survive and pursue their passions and natures.

Also, various teams of men and women of intelligence, courage, skill and supernatural training that can bring their ingenuity, dedication, lives and will to bear against the dark forces arrayed against us. [[ Our Mission:]] Slow the damn things down. Plug the holes opening in the protective field caused by the Earth Soul (as in Maddisonville), hunt and destroy the human traitors who have turned against their own kind. Discover and destroy the human like simulacrums employed by the Outsiders to infiltrate our societies. (Thank you Cpt. Stevens for the opportunity to use Simulacrum in a report. Doesn't happen often enough if you ask me!)

Additional Mission Parameters: Seek and eliminate traitors, identify persons of supernatural ability or skill for recruitment, control information to the public so as to prevent a panic.

Available Tools:

Madges (alien aether detecting badges that can indicate our exposure to toxic influences from Outsiders.) Camera with Ectocrome film (capable of registering alien aether and other supernatural substances not necessarily visible to the unaided uman eye.) EPG Machine (an alien aether detecting device.) Various classified weapons on loan from the Government think tanks (To be delivered on request) Silver (an active poison) Iron (an active disruptor)

Current Mission JJM 001.0

Go to Dunwich, MA to investigate people and location.

Mission Summary as of Sept. 9

After spending Monday, Sept. 5 selecting weapons and training is Fisticuffs (Mr. Smithson does slouch so in his daily presence but is quite skilled in hand to hand training, though he is irritatingly hesitant to lay said hands on a woman for training purposes. Does he think the people we are fighting will be carefully following etiquette? I grew up with multiple brothers for goodness sake!)

Sept 6-7: We set up our safe house in nearby Boston and make appointments with the police officer in charge of the Dunwich case, Officer Garmond) and Professor Armitage of Miskatonic University, where the mysterious break in- book stealing- animal attack - unnatural occurrence took place.

Sept. 8: Case Essentials:

Young Whateley, suffering mightily from what is most probably an alien infestation, invaded the inner sanctum of the Library at Miskatonic University demanding their copy of the Necronomicon. He was attacked by the university's trained mastiff, Napoleon. The dog reportedly went a bit mad and ripped the young man's throat out, but the coroner, a good friend of Prof. Armitage, never received the body. This evidently, was because Armitage and his fellows Dr. Morgan and Dr. Rice dumped his body in a glass box as it started to dissolve into a viscous yellow slime, and buried him at the tree line at the edge of University property.

Note on the body: Found using EPG machine as the alien aether emanations were quite strong even at this late date. Experimentation by Von Schaefer revealed the yellow slime mutated animal life, but killed vegetation.

Note on Young Whateley: Descended from a prominent local family fallen on hard times. The Whateleys and the Bishops were the original settlers in the area, having left their more traditional Protestant neighbors behind in Boston during colonization. They once ran a glassworks and a lumber processing facility and were considered very insular. Since those businesses have failed they have become quite poor, but no less welcome of strangers. They run moonshine in the countryside and locals consider entering their territory dangerous to the health. Additionally in the days leading up to the Library attack, a number of large animals (mostly cows) were attacked and .... chewed if not exactly eaten. What is left of Whateley's body had been transferred to the Safe House for study.

Note on Professor Armitage: He registers heavily on the EPG machine. He has most of the Law enforcement community under his sway and the rest of the authority figures in the area afraid of him. I think he is DEEPLY suspicious. He seems to have destroyed the local career of a reporter, TJ Samuelson, who had to relocate to New York after publishing a story closer to actual events than the report Armitage wanted published about the library incident. Armitage has a cozy relationship with Officer O'Donnel on the police force whose chief recommendation seems to be his ability to manhandle persons on request and take bribes from the local speakeasies.


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