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Theo Weiss

Theo Weiss[edit]

played by Steve Hill

Harry Houdini's brother — Theo has retired from the stage, to work with Carl in an attempt to hinder the arrival of the Outside Ones. Theo's actions over the last six months have begun to cause others to doubt both his sanity and the morality of his decisions. A member of the Seelie community. Not currently infected, although possessed of strange, unsettling eyes; all black, without either white or iris.

Formerly married to Hannelore Rhyner, now divorced. Currently married to Paige St. Mar, butliving with Emma Hamilton. He has a daughter with Emma Hamilton named Sophia.

One of the daysider signatories of the Nightsider Treaty under the name of Hardeen.




Caine, Meridon
Grimaldi, Antonio
Hamilton, Emma
Parkhurst, Gregory
Rhyner, Hannelore
Weiss, Paige
wife (separated)
Weiss, Sophia


Journal Entries[edit]


Date Title Author Received Via
1930-00-00 Treaty between C. Ellis and F. Christian et al. Carl Ellis Meridon Caine