The Stars Are Right: The Island Family

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Founded by five of the survivors of a shipwreck on Faore Island, the Family has a long history of intermarriage in order to produce individuals of exceptional psychic abilities.



Important People[edit]

The Founders Of The Family Lines[edit]

Robert Foundry

Robert Foundry masterminded the formation of the families and their form of community after the men who returned from the Island were badly treated in the English Court system. Became determined to follow the Lady's dictates, and make the Foundry line the guiding force within the Family.
Family Gift - Glamor and Illusion

Steven Garnsley

Upon returning to England Garnsley remained in close communication with the Lady, and was subject to unnerving visions that drove him to take drugs in an attempt to shut them out. Was eventually declared insane and placed in a madhouse. The Garnsley line merged quickly with the other families, and the name lost within a few generations.
Family Gift - Foretelling The Future Via Visions. This is the rarest and least often found of the Lady's Gifts.

Adam Kentworth

Jon Roth

Family Gift - Empathy''

Robin Wellman



A Curyous Hystorie of the Far North Folke - Commonlie Knowne As Scotes[edit]

An obscure travel book written in German about travel through the Orkney Islands. Mentions Faore Island and the standing stones there.

Copy located in the folio section of Whispers Library

Danish Government Records - dated May 1901[edit]

Record of observations made by a Danish official in the aftermath of a Family ritual conducted on the Island in April of 1901. Copy located in Copenhagen - in Danish

The Ram's Head - Ship Log[edit]

Fragments of the ship log of the Ram's Head can be found:

  • Maritime Museum in Scotland
  • Entered into the record of the English Court mutiny trial records
  • Private archives of Family members

Scottish Folktales[edit]

The Scots who live at the far northern edge of Scotland have tales of a battle between St. Patrick and a Great White Serpent to took place on an island possibly identified as the Faroe Islands. The stories indicate that the serpent was strong enough to resist (briefly) even the power of God, but that it was eventually vanquished and locked away deep beneath the island.